Therapist for Dementia in Bangalore

Why does one need a therapist for dementia?

Therapists can play a valuable role in supporting dementia patients by addressing emotional and behavioral challenges associated with the condition. They provide cognitive and behavioral interventions to enhance the quality of life. Therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can help manage anxiety and depression, common in dementia. Reminiscence therapy stimulates memory and fosters communication. Psychoeducation educates patients and families about dementia, aiding in coping. Additionally, therapists assist in managing challenging behaviors, improve communication skills, and offer support for caregivers. While therapy can’t reverse dementia, it can significantly improve patients’ emotional well-being and quality of life by reducing distressing symptoms and enhancing their ability to adapt to the condition.

How can a therapist in Bangalore help a dementia patient?

In Bangalore, therapists employ innovative approaches for dementia patients, intertwining technology and nature. Cognitive therapies incorporate virtual reality, stimulating memories through immersive experiences. Therapists explore outdoor therapy, utilizing Bangalore’s green spaces to enhance well-being. Art and music therapies tap into creative expressions, fostering emotional connections. Personalized sensory stimulation, such as aromatherapy with local scents, contributes to a holistic approach. By embracing diverse methods, therapists in Bangalore create tailored interventions, nurturing the cognitive and emotional aspects of dementia care.

What are the treatments offered by a therapist for a dementia patient? 

Dementia patients benefit from therapeutic interventions that extend beyond conventional methods. Therapists explore reminiscence therapy, leveraging personal artifacts to trigger memories. Integrating laughter yoga enhances emotional well-being, while horticultural therapy engages patients in nurturing plants for cognitive stimulation. Music therapy employs customized playlists to evoke emotional responses. Sensory storytelling, incorporating textured items, captivates the senses. Therapists also delve into doll therapy, providing comfort and companionship. These approaches enrich the treatment landscape, promoting holistic care for individuals navigating the challenges of dementia.

Treatment and Rehab centers for dementia in Bangalore

In  Bangalore, Cadabams stands as a beacon of pioneering dementia care. Our rehabilitation center blends cutting-edge treatments with compassionate support, focusing on personalized cognitive interventions. We prioritize the individual journey, incorporating therapeutic approaches, from reminiscence therapy to innovative technology. With a team dedicated to enhancing lives, Cadabams emerges as a trusted haven for dementia treatment and rehabilitation, where each step is a stride toward a more fulfilling and enriched life. 

How to find the best therapists for dementia patients in Bangalore?

Discovering the finest therapists for dementia patients in Bangalore involves researching specialists with expertise in geriatric care and neurocognitive disorders. Seek recommendations from local healthcare professionals, support groups, or neurologists. Look for therapists with a holistic approach, incorporating innovative interventions tailored to dementia care. Consider testimonials and reviews to gauge the effectiveness of their methods. Prioritize those fostering a compassionate and patient-centric environment. Or you may reach out to us at Cadabams, with over three decades of industry expertise, we offer comprehensive dementia care with a focus on individualized and innovative therapies.

Why Cadabams?

At Cadabam’s, we are committed to providing comprehensive dementia care services to help individuals and families cope with this challenging condition. Our team of experienced and compassionate therapists offers individual and family therapy, support groups, and educational workshops. We also provide a variety of medical and rehabilitative services to help manage the symptoms of dementia. Contact us at +91 97414 76476 or visit our website at for more information.


1. What should I expect from my first session with a dementia therapist?

In your first session with a dementia therapist, you can expect to:

  1. Discuss your concerns and goals for therapy
  2. Learn about the therapists experience and approach to dementia care
  3. Ask any questions you have about therapy 

2. What is the right time to visit a therapist for the treatment of dementia?

Seeking a therapist for dementia is timely when you notice subtle shifts in memory or cognitive patterns. Early intervention is key to fostering overall well-being. Don’t wait—take proactive steps as soon as you recognize these changes, paving the way for effective therapeutic support. Timely engagement with a therapist contributes to resilience in navigating the challenges associated with dementia.

3. How effective is it to see a therapist for dementia? 

Engaging with a therapist for dementia can be highly effective. Therapists employ strategies to enhance cognitive functions, manage symptoms, and provide emotional support. While not a cure, therapy enhances quality of life, fosters coping mechanisms, and aids in navigating the challenges associated with dementia. Regular sessions contribute to a holistic approach, promoting overall well-being for individuals and their caregivers.

4. How much does a therapist consultation cost in Bangalore?

The cost of a therapist consultation for dementia at Cadabams Bangalore is ₹1000 per session. However, the actual cost may vary depending on the patient’s unique needs and symptoms.

5. Where can I find a psychiatrist in Bangalore? 

If you are seeking a trusted psychiatrist in Bangalore, you may consider Cadabams. Our expert team of psychiatrists provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for various mental health conditions. Experience personalized care with evidence-based therapies and a holistic approach. Visit our website or call us at +91 80 2552 1000 to schedule an appointment. Don’t let mental health concerns hold you back. Reach out to Cadabams today.

6. How to choose a therapist in Bangalore?

Choosing a therapist in Bangalore involves considering factors like expertise, compatibility, and approach. Begin by researching professionals with experience in your specific concerns. Seek recommendations from trusted sources or online platforms. Schedule initial consultations to assess compatibility. Prioritize therapists who create a comfortable environment and tailor their approach to your needs. Ultimately, choose someone whose expertise aligns with your goals for mental health and well-being.

7. How can a therapist help a dementia patient?

A therapist assesses, diagnoses, supports and treats a dementia patient which makes managing their symptoms easier for them. A therapist also aims to lighten the caregiver’s burden on the family by involving them in the process. They can help reduce mood and behaviour changes associated with dementia, help the family design living environments, put procedures and provide tools that enhance the daily functioning of the dementia patient. They can also help manage emotions like anxiety, depression, and sadness that may be experienced by the dementia patient and their family members.

8. What is the job description of a therapist?

A mental health therapist diagnoses and creates an individually tailored treatment plan for the treatment of mental health disorders. They help patients reflect on their psychological, behavioural, and emotional issues and difficulties and collaboratively develop strategies to make positive changes. They engage in regular counselling sessions, keep note of the patient’s progress, and make adjustments to the treatment plan as required.

9. What other treatments are required for a dementia patient apart from therapy?

Medications, individual psychotherapy, family therapy, and physiotherapy are some beneficial treatment options for a dementia patient. Medications can help improve the symptoms temporarily. Individual psychotherapy can help the patient cope with the symptoms of their illness, the associated emotional distress, and any other comorbid conditions. Family therapy can help educate the family about the illness and ways to manage the patient’s symptoms, while a physiotherapist could help prevent falls, which dementia patients are prone to.

10. How does a therapist help in developing a treatment plan for a dementia patient?

Therapists can help the dementia patient and the family come up with a treatment plan that includes strategies to manage emotions as well as improve the quality of life associated with dementia symptoms. The therapist can discuss with the dementia patient and their caregiver what methods they are employing already to manage dementia that are working as well as what behaviours could be improved. The therapist can assign homework to the patient and/or the caregiver such as practicing memory tools that can help cope with the symptom of memory loss.

11. How does a therapist help a caregiver of a dementia patient deal with stress?

Emotional stress of being a caregiver for a dementia patient is usually rated to be high or very high. A therapist can help improve and encourage the well-being of the caregiver in various ways such as – helping them actively engage in activities that reduce stress, understand and accept the changes in their loved one with dementia, and find a support system from family, friends, or a support group in order to deal with the physical, psychological, and emotional challenges that come as a result of caretaking of a dementia patient.


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