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Depression shows amongst different individuals as a range of common symptoms such as:

Feelings of emptiness or prolonged sadness.

Feelings of unworthiness or guilt

Feeling hopeless or helpless

Changes in patterns of sleep (oversleeping, or not sleeping much)

Changes in appetite (overeating, or not eating much)

Withdrawing from family and friends

Irritability and anger


Difficulty concentrating

Loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed

Chronic pain, stomach-aches and headaches


Thoughts of death or suicide, or attempted suicides

Depression can be caused due to various factors including genetic, environmental, psychological, social, and biological. Medications can help deal with genetic and biological factors, whereas Counselling sessions can help the person deal with the other factors. A counsellor can help a person with depression, who feels helpless and hopeless, realize that they can change the way they think and behave, and thus have the control in them to manage their symptoms of depression. A counsellor offers encouragement and constant support that helps a person with depression become psychologically more resilient to deal with their condition.

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