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A psychiatric emergency of depression is an abrupt alteration of a patient's behaviour, mind, or mood that, if left untreated, might cause harm to the patient or others in the environment. Some of the most serious psychiatric emergencies include attempts to hurt oneself or others, Suicidal inclinations - expressing their want to die in person or searching for information on how to do it online, Self-harming on purpose, Taking precautions like as collecting drugs, creating a noose, or purchasing a rifle or other weapons Making a will, writing a suicide note, or giving away prized possessions etc. In order to commit suicide, they cut or injure themselves, Increasing the level of violence directed against individuals and others. Emergency mental health care is essential in such psychiatric emergencies. Cadabams offers India's most comprehensive mental health services, as well as the most up-to-date treatment methods. A mental health emergency can strike at any time and in any place. Cadabams mental emergency care team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give you the necessary support and therapy.

Depression Psychiatry: What is it and how can it help you?


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What is depression?

Clinical depression is a significant illness that affects a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Clinical depression, in contrast to normal sadness, is chronic, often impairs a person’s capacity to perceive or anticipate pleasure, and considerably impairs everyday functioning. Depression can cause severe impairment, other health-related difficulties, and, in rare circumstances, suicide if left untreated for weeks, months, or years. If left untreated, depression can lead to significant disability, other health-related issues, and, on rare occasions, suicide.

How to manage 

Here are a few tips to manage such psychiatric emergencies of depression:

  1. Be aware of the warning signs
  2. Monitor the patient’s safety needs
  3. Take all suicidal threats or attempts seriously
  4. Remove sharp instruments, ropes, belts etc. from the environment
  5. Do not allow the patient to bolt the door from inside
  6. Never leave the patient alone. If necessary, accompany them to the bathroom.

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