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Rehabilitation centres for depression allows the individual to focus all their energy and attention towards engaging in activities that help them recover from depression without the daily stressors of life. They can be very helpful when engaging in talk therapy, psychiatric medications, and support groups on an out-patient basis are not enough for an individual with depression, who, because of the severity and the resultant dysfunction caused in other areas of life, requires a higher level of care in terms of treatment. You may want to consider rehab for depression for yourself or your loved one if – it is taking a toll on the depressed individual’s relationships, making it extremely difficult for them to get work done, they are engaging in alcohol or other forms of addiction to cope, even normal activities such as getting out of bed are challenging, or they are having thoughts of suicide. Rehab centres are equipped with crisis care, 24*7, which includes individual therapy, support groups, psychiatric medications, nursing facilities, and family therapy, that helps de-escalate the suicide risk of the individual, ensuring they are safe.

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What are the benefits of Rehabilitation Centre for Depression?

Depressed individuals who had stayed in rehabilitation centres have reported reduced anxiety and stress, enhanced self-confidence, body acceptance, higher self-esteem, improved physical and mental health, and a more optimistic outlook on life. 

Who is suitable for rehab centre for depression?

Depressed individuals, usually with severe depression, who find it unable to cope with their daily life including work, home, and relationships, especially those with suicidal ideations are best suited for a rehab centre for depression. If going for regular appointments with the psychiatrist and therapist are challenging, the individual’s life is at risk, and/ or the individual chooses to indulge their routine in a setting only meant for their recovery, in-patient rehabilitation settings should be considered. 

What are the services offered at a rehab for depression? 

A rehabilitation centre for depression usually offers individual therapy, group therapy, psychoeducational classes, family therapy, yoga, meditation, art therapy, psychiatric consultations, recreational activities, etc. 

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