Handling Hyperactive Children

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“My child is full of energy, so active. He doesn’t sit in one place. I first thought that he was like that only, until a friend suggested me to visit a psychologist to learn about ADHD.”

Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder is condition of a child that makes it hard for a child in controlling his activity and also reaction to the surrounding environment.

Some children are hyperactive by nature and some children behave like hyperactive to draw attention of their parents. These children have trouble in paying attention. This condition starts in childhood often lasts in adulthood. Any minor changes in the child daily routines will not make any changes in child behavior.

Signs of hyperactive children

• Difficulty in paying attention

• Trouble in listening to others

• Easily distracted from play and other task

• Talks too much

• Often runs and climb things inappropriately

• Act without thinking

• Trouble in completing the task

• Doesn't follow others and obey them

• Trouble in understanding

• Difficulty following rules of games

Management of Hyperactive children

Keep in order: These kinds of children have trouble in unclear environment. Keeping the household clear and in an orderly manner will help them to know about what is expected from the parents.

Simplify the instructions: Break down the instructions into smaller chunks. It will help the child to remember the steps easily.

Avoid Distractions: Seat the child in comfortable place with minimum distractions like doors, windows. Create a warm and encouraging workplace to the child to complete the task.

Using Positive reinforcement: Whenever the child complete the task successfully praise them for the completion. Give rewards to child to encourage them to continue the work on the same way.

Make to-do list: Creating a to do list for the child will help them complete the task on time. It also helps them to be a responsible child in dealing with their work list.

Handy tips to parents

Following are Simple ADHD Concentration Tips:

✓ Sign with everyone: If your child is diagnosed as with ADHD, don't hesitate to share with family members, neighbors and teachers because of social stigma. Encouragement of all these people will help the child to cope with the problems.

✓ Eliminate the scene: Change the situations which affect the child behavior and over - stimulate them in the environment. Avoiding these scenes will help the child to control the behavior.

✓ Plan your day: Structure the day of the child. Following a regular routine will help them to do the tasks on time like meals, nap and play. It also helps the child to be systematic in life.

✓ Don't punish: Don't punish the child for their unfinished work. Instead, reward them for their work. It will help them reduce the activity level and also help them to manage the situation Hyperactive children are not able to maintain to attention and also concentrate. With help

of the family members and the special educators the child can cope with the behaviors. Shaping the child behavior is important for their future to deal effectively in the society. Get the psychological assessment with licensed clinical psychologist at Cadabam’s Hospitals and help your child with psychotherapy, neurofeedback, behavior management.

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