How to overcome failures?

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Life is all about experiences, and each experience teaches us something important and helps us grow. While sometimes, things turn out the way we want, other times they don’t, and that’s okay. People make mistakes, have setbacks, or fail. During times like this, we need to rise above our failures and handle such situations in a healthy manner; instead of being hard or beating ourselves and being negative.

Ignoring our emotions in such times can lead to lasting impacts that can affect our self esteem, anxiety and depression levels.  We cannot avoid failures; we might as well deal with them by communicating with our loved ones or seeking professional help. 

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Steps in Overcoming Failure

Accept How You Feel

It is okay to feel bad about your failure. Accepting your feelings is the first step towards overcoming failure. Once you have acknowledged your feelings, it would be easier to combat them in different ways. Rejecting these feelings will only cause them to pop up at unexpected times.

You Are Not Your Failure

When it comes to understanding how to overcome failure, you must first realize you are above the setbacks you are experiencing. Failures happen to the best of us, and it is important to realize that we must rise above them. Don’t indulge in a destructive pattern of thinking. Instead, tell yourself it doesn’t matter that you have failed; you will still try.

Look At Your Failure As Temporary

Looking at your failures as temporary instead of something permanent builds an optimistic attitude to keep going forward in life. This way, you will be able to shift your focus more on how to overcome failure in life. 

Be Constructive

Learn from your mistakes and make constructive use of your failures.  Look at it as valuable feedback; this will help you improve.

Ask yourself some questions:

- What did I learn from this?

- How can I now avoid making the same mistake?

- How can I do this differently from next time?

Everyone Fails

We mostly only hear about people’s successes. And the path to that success had many setbacks. We look at someone’s success and believe it to only be bright and fast-moving, but they have all had their share of trial and turbulence. A quote by Michael Jordan could give you perspective:

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

Seek Support From Your Friends And Family

Many people tend to isolate themselves when they are going through a failure. It may be because they are embarrassed about the current situation. However, this is a negative pattern that you should completely avoid. Talking about your failures with a loved one can help you gain perspective, and it can be very helpful in overcoming failure.

You may not realize it in the beginning, but talking about your feelings can be relaxing. Sometimes just venting your issue to others can help you sort things out and accept what has happened rather than circling around the issue.  Additionally, you might even get to hear their stories of struggles, and this will help you get motivated and stay focused to keep trying. And by learning about others' struggles and experiences, you may be able to see things from a positive perspective. 

Keep Trying

The essential lesson here is to never give up; it is to keep trying till you make it. It is an integral step in overcoming failure in both personal and professional life. No matter what the results are, you should continue to try your best to improve. 

Be Proactive

Don’t dwell mindlessly on your failures or disappointment. The best way to combat it is to come up with ways to take proactive action. Take some time to reflect upon your problem and how you can now deal with it in a different way.

Build Your Self-esteem

The best way to handle failures is to improve your self-esteem. By doing so, you don’t let failures dictate you, and you recover quickly from them. One of the best ways to do this is to remind yourself of your accomplishments and your difficult struggling days, and how you overcame them.

Seek Professional Help 

Even today, there is a taboo attached to going to see a professional for your mental health. If none of the above steps seem to be working for you, then there is no embarrassment in seeking professional help. There are dedicated professionals who are trained to address various psychological issues. 

And if you do not feel comfortable opening up to your family and friends, then speaking to a professional is your best option. There is a confidentiality agreement, so you don't have to worry about privacy. And since professionals already have experience in dealing with such cases, you are likely to get more proven results. 

How Failure Helps You Grow?

As much as it hurts, failure is an integral part of our life. In fact, it is necessary for you to move forward in life. Following are some ways failure helps you become successful in life – 

You Will Not Repeat The Same Mistake Again 

Once you look back on what went wrong, you will be able to easily identify a similar situation again. Moreover, you will be able to make more emotionally intelligent decisions, resulting in better outcomes. A failure in personal or professional life can give you lessons that you will not learn any other way. 

Easier To Tackle Challenges

Someone who has gone through failures in life tends to have a wider perspective of important things in their life. Failures help you to understand what issues should be let go and what needs your attention. To err is to be human,  Failure in life helps us to let go of negative feelings and focus on finding the right solutions. 

Failure Helps You Be More Grateful 

Failures help you to see all the positive things that you already have in life. You will end up feeling more grateful for little things. When you are more appreciative, you develop a more positive state of mind, which will help you a great deal in the future. 

It Can Shift The Focus From Being A Perfectionist

You can do everything right and still end up failing. In fact, sometimes pushing yourself too hard can be your downfall. Failure can teach you to start small and grow your way up. There are so many factors that you cannot control. So what you can do instead is focus on doing this as effectively as possible. In the end, even if you do not get the desired result, you will have peace of mind that you did your best. 

Cadabam’s Hospitals – Professionals Who Are Always There For You 

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