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Biofeedback is a mind-body technique that employs various types of monitoring devices to start creating direct awareness over physical functioning that are normally controlled by the body on an automatic basis. There are various kinds of biofeedback tools available in modern applications that display the efficacy of the therapy as it is being performed and can be used to track the progress of the activity. After recording a person's body signals with electronic devices, a biofeedback technician or computer feedback may recommend both physical and mental exercises to gain control. Biofeedback technicians have received extensive training and are nationally certified. Biofeedback is extremely beneficial in reducing stress and promoting relaxation. It's also being studied for conditions like urinary incontinence, migraines, and other headaches. Cadabams has the provision of biofeedback for PTSD in Bangalore that helps the client manage and overcome their illness effectively with the help of qualified professionals.


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Is biofeedback effective for PTSD?

Biofeedback EEG has proven to be effective in reducing the symptoms of PTSD.

How does biofeedback help with PTSD?

In two specialized areas of biofeedback based on cardiovascular training using heart-rate variability monitoring and brain wave recordings, promising findings in PTSD have been reported.

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