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People suffering from PTSD may stay away from situations or people who remind them of the traumatic experience, or they may have strong negative responses to seemingly innocuous things such as a loud noise or an unintentional touch. The trauma, as well as triggers of the trauma or emotional responses associated with the trauma, are frequently used to assist the patient in reducing avoidance and maladaptive connections with the trauma. This exposure is done in a controlled manner and is planned by the patient and provider, so the patient has a say in what they do. The goal is to restore the patient's feeling of control, self-esteem, and predictability and maladaptive behavior. Overall, CBT is beneficial in assisting those suffering from PTSD to achieve a higher level of functioning in their daily lives. Cadabams has the best therapists who understand your needs and do the best by providing CBT for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


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How effective is CBT for PTSD?

CBT is highly suggested for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder as it is proven to be effective.

How many sessions of CBT are required?

CBT focuses on current difficulties and symptoms and is usually done in individual or group settings over 12-16 sessions

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