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The emergence of symptoms following exposure to stressors that overwhelm a person's ability to cope is referred to as Posttraumatic stress disorder. Natural disasters such as floods, as well as human violence such as sexual assault, war and combat, childhood abuse, intimate partner violence, forced displacement from home, terrorist attacks, or serious accidents, are examples of stressors. Although much more research is needed to better understand the underlying mechanisms of change involved in these treatments, it is thought that they work primarily through processes of desensitization and the challenging of underlying pathogenic beliefs and assumptions.Because of their perceived shared status as trauma survivors, group members may be able to challenge each other in ways that a group leader cannot. Group therapy, a widely used treatment option, is extremely effective in the treatment of trauma. Cadabams has group counseling sessions delivered to you by the best therapists across the nation to facilitate the journey of recovery using group therapy for PTSD in Bangalore.


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How does group therapy aid in the treatment of PTSD?

Group therapy allows you to normalize your PTSD symptoms by interacting with other people who have had similar trauma symptoms.

Why should you attend group therapy?

A group provides an opportunity for students to meet in a non-judgmental environment to discuss important issues. It may help you become more aware of yourself and others, improve your interpersonal skills, and make you feel more connected and less alone in your concerns.

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