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Different psychotherapeutic models approach the treatment of PTSD using their unique approach to understanding the disorder.
Cognitive Processing Therapy. It is based on the premise that at the time of the traumatic event being unable to process what happened, the PTSD patient may later come up with incorrect and unhealthy conclusions such as they’re to blame for the event or that they cannot trust anyone. This therapy focuses on identifying them and restructuring them.
Prolonged Exposure Therapy. This therapy focuses on gradually exposing the PTSD patient with unhealthy responses to the trauma such as extreme fear and teaching self-calming techniques in order to help face their fears. This helps them learn that the thoughts and memories related to the trauma are not dangerous and there is no need to avoid them.
Other ways in which a person with PTSD can help themselves recover from it in combination with seeking psychotherapy includes writing. They may choose to write about their life as a whole rather than just the traumatic event. Such writing has been shown to reduce PTSD symptoms, lower blood pressure, and improve depression and anxiety symptoms.


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How effective is Psychotherapy for PTSD?

Psychotherapy is effective in improving PTSD symptoms, reducing avoidance behaviours, and helping the PTSD patient to gain back their sense of control and functionality back in their lives.

What are the benefits of Psychotherapy for PTSD?

Psychotherapy helps the PTSD patient identify their distorted thinking patterns associated with their traumatic memories, learn strategies to soothe themselves when experiencing distress or negative emotional reactions, face their fears, and learn healthy and constructive ways of thinking about the trauma.

How many numbers of sessions are required?

The number of psychotherapy sessions differs for each individual based on their condition and response to the therapy sessions.

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