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Many PTSD patients are resistant to treatment. That is, they have tried every standard form of treatment, but none of them have worked. Typically, this includes- Medications such as SSRI antidepressants or Talk therapy such as trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing . rTMS therapy is an effective PTSD treatment, according to research. As a result, rTMS for PTSD is a promising alternative to other forms of therapy that have proven ineffective. TMS therapy will not cure your PTSD, but it will help to reduce your symptoms and make them more manageable. When PTSD symptoms are severe and uncontrollable, they can disrupt your work, relationships, and daily functioning. TMS therapy can lessen the severity of these symptoms and provide you with more control over them. Cadabams has provision of best rTMS treatment for PTSD in Bangalore for your loved ones, based on the treatment plan.


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Is TMS therapy effective for PTSD?

TMS therapy is an effective PTSD treatment, according to research.

Is rTMS a permanent condition?

The effects of rTMS are not long-lasting. To manage symptoms, it is usually necessary to repeat the procedure once a year after the initial treatment.

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