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Relationship issues have become a prominent issue in the lives of families nowadays. People as a couple face a lot of challenges in order to make things work. In stressful situations, neurofeedback, often known as brain training, helps a person pay more attention, and build focus, empathize, and be less emotionally responsive. Neurofeedback can help partners seeking constructive shifts in direction of their marriage, just as it can assist people by showing them how to lead them toward more appropriate behavior. Making positive adjustments in a relationship, building on what's working, necessitates the kind of focus, attentiveness, and empathy that neurofeedback can help with.For anger and resentment issues induced by emotional traumas encountered in childhood and adult relationships, neurofeedback therapy offers marital and couples treatments. When couples counselling has been ineffective, neurofeedback addresses the fundamental causes of fear, blame, insecurity, or other persistent reactive responses. Cadabams provides the option of equipped infrastructure to practice neurofeedback for relationship issues by trained and qualified professionals.


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How does neurofeedback help in relationships?

Yes, Neurofeedback helps a person improve communication and that in turn helps improve the relationship.

How does one benefit from Neurofeedback as a couple?

Neurofeedback help in building autonomy using waves which benefits the individual as well as the couple.

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