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Schizophrenia treatment

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Schizophrenia is a long term disorder and alters the life of your loved one, you and people around. Although there has been no specific cause found, schizophrenia is derived from genetic, environmental and physical factors like brain composition affecting the individual. So far into the medical domain, there has been no definite cure for schizophrenia but early and effective intervention for management of symptoms can help regulate the functionality of the individual into daily life. These needs require skilled and experienced professionals from the mental health field to plan the course of treatment that is most beneficial. Cadabam’s as an organisation has teams with professionals specialising in varied fields of mental health such as Psychiatrists, Medical Officers, Clinical Psychologists and Counsellors. Cadabams provide immediate interventions for schizophrenia emergency to long term rehabilitation services depending on the severity of the symptoms. As a team of skilled professionals, Cadabams deliver quality mental health care across the nation.

Schizophrenia Psychiatry: What is it and how can it help you?


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What does schizophrenia emergency look like?

Although schizophrenia is a chronic disease, the outbreaks caused by positive and negative symptoms will be spread. An emergency in the case of a schizophrenic individual is when there is threat to self or others due to symptoms like hallucinations and delusions. This could be the affected individual getting violent intending self harm or harm to others or property. Immediate psychiatric attention is required in these situations.

What are the treatment options for schizophrenia?

The treatment of schizophrenia is a lifelong process and often the treatment plan is curated by combining medications, psychotherapy and controlled environment. Cadabam’s provide rehabilitation services for psychiatric illnesses like schizophrenia to restore the functionality though structured daily activities, programs are designed depending on the needs and severity of the individual after clinical assessment.

Is treatment for schizophrenia effective and safe?

Therapies like CBT and support group therapy facilitate the process of restoration of functionality. These are safe options as there is no side effect. The treatment plan is curated in combination with medications. The mixed approach derives maximum effect in management of the symptoms of schizophrenia. Also, the treatment plan is created and modified regularly keeping in mind the current state and needs of the client, thu making it safe and secure.

What are the benefits of treatment in schizophrenia?

Psychiatric treatments in schizophrenia can help to cope with the positive symptoms of schizophrenia like hallucinations and delusions. The treatment also helps in building the negative symptoms back by reduction in apathy and passiveness.

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