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Schizophrenia Family Therapy includes psychoeducation, sessions to help the family cope with the diagnosis, sessions to help the loved ones regulate their emotions, and more. Through sessions of Family therapy, the families and their loved ones improve their knowledge of the disorder and they also learn how to manage the disorder as well.

Families will need to adapt their lives around the individual and their disorder as well. The different necessities and adaptations are also discussed within these sessions. Further, in cases of hospitalization or rehabilitation, Family Therapy is a way for the family to gain insight into their loved ones’ recovery journey.

This also allows the families to have their own breakthroughs and helps them develop their own healthy ways of coping with the situation. Schizophrenia Family Therapy in Bangalore at Cadabams, helps the family and the individual can reach a state of mutual understanding move towards holistic recovery.

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What is Family Therapy?

Family Therapy is a treatment option for both the individual and their family members. Family therapy helps with psychoeducation, adaptability, and emotional understanding between the family and the individual.

Who can conduct Family Therapy?

Family Therapy can be conducted by a clinical psychologist, a psychiatric social worker, or a licensed therapist as well. These professionals help improve communication between family members and help them resolve any conflicts that may exist.

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