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Schizophrenia can have a variety of effects on the entire family. The severity of a person's symptoms and, eventually, their recovery can be strongly influenced by their environment and interactions. A high level of "expressed emotion" within a family, such as yelling, shouting, arguing, or antagonism, might exacerbate the illness and cause a person to have more psychotic episodes. It's possible that the symptoms of schizophrenia cause additional stress in the home, resulting in heightened tension and emotion, or there could be other reasons for the dispute.

Education, stress reduction, emotional processing and regulation, as well as systematic problem solving, are all common components of family therapy for schizophrenia.

The family will collaborate to increase their understanding of the sickness and how to treat it. This aids in the promotion of empathy and affective support, as well as the modification of any problematic communication practices. Cadabams brings to you effective family therapy for schizophrenia treatment.

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Who all can be part of family therapy?

A family therapy session may include your immediate family members- parents, siblings and others. It also significantly involves spouses and partners and children and anyone who is a significant family member in the clients life.

How many sessions of family therapy is needed?

3-5 sessions show effectiveness and around six sessions are needed for long term improvement in schizophrenia.