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Group Therapy is a form of treatment for multiple mental health disorders. During group therapy, multiple individuals are part of the same therapeutic session under the guidance of an experienced professional. Group therapy is effective for multiple disorders like bipolar disorder, addiction to alcohol or drugs, Schizophrenia, and more.

Group Therapy for Schizophrenia is shown to be very effective. Group Therapy is shown to be effective in helping individuals with Schizophrenia combat the negative symptoms of the disorder and also helps them improve their interpersonal relationships. Research has even shown that long-term group therapy is much more effective than short-term programs.

With our Group Therapy for Schizophrenia in Bangalore, your recovery is always in progress. Learn from the experiences of others and share experiences of your own as you progress towards healing.

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How is Group Therapy conducted?

Group Therapy is conducted under the guidance of a licensed therapist or psychologist. There is a goal for each group therapy session, and the therapist acts as a guide to push the conversation around that day’s purpose for the session.

Who are the different types of Group Therapy?

The different types of group therapy include: Cognitive Behavioral Groups, Interpersonal Groups, Psychoeducational Groups, Skill Development Groups, Support Groups, and more.