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Medication and psychotherapeutic approaches play a major role in the recovery journey. However, sometimes, individuals can avail treatment options that are both non-medicated in nature and non-invasive. This is one of the reasons that Neurofeedback Therapy is very popular today.

Also called electroencephalography or EEG medically, this therapy measures your brain waves and body temperature. Through continuous feedback from computer software, Neurofeedback helps you retrain your brain and your reactions. It helps you retrain specific areas of the brain to bring it back to complete functioning.

Neurofeedback can help with multiple symptoms that come with Schizophrenia like anxiety, sleep issues, depression, and more. Neurofeedback Therapy is the perfect option for individuals who are trying to take a non-invasive and non-medicated route to treat multiple mental health disorders.

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How does a Neurofeedback session work?

Each session is conducted by an experienced psychologist, family therapist, or counselor. During the session, sensors are attached to specific areas of your head to measure your brain signal. Different cues are used to train your brain activity into a more peaceful state.

Is Neurofeedback Therapy effective in Treating Schizophrenia?

Up to 60% of individuals with Schizophrenia show altered signs of brain activity. Further, specific changes in a person’s EEG are seen to coincide with different behavioral symptoms of the disorder. Consequently, Neurofeedback Therapy is seen to be effective in treating positive, negative and cognitive symptoms of the disorder.

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