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Schizophrenia treatment

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Schizophrenia is a severe mental health condition that affects your thoughts, emotions, relationships, and ability to make decisions while inducing delusions and hallucinations. Because there is no cure, getting effective treatment as soon as possible is the greatest approach to improve your chances of successfully managing the symptoms of the illness.

The focus of schizophrenia treatment will be on symptom management. You may need to take medication for a long period, or even for the rest of your life even if the symptoms subside. Psychotherapy, which is a type of talk therapy, will be a key component of your treatment plan to help you understand and control your symptoms. The correct remedies, coupled with practical and emotional support from your loved ones, will go a long way to assist you gain control on your life.

Cadabams provides you with skilled professionals who specialise in CBT, Psychoanalytical, CET and others, delivering various types of psychotherapy for schizophrenia in Hyderabad.

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What are the types of psychotherapy for schizophrenia?

Different types of Psychotherapy used for treating schizophrenia are CBT, support group therapy, REBT, CET, psychoeducation for clients, psychoeducation for family etc.

Which is the most effective psychotherapy for schizophrenia?

CBT is the most effective psychotherapy, proven to enable the client manage their symptoms of delusions and hallucinations and even establish coping for negative symptoms like apathy.

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