Psychologist for Specific Learning Disability in Hyderabad

Why does one need a psychologist for learning disability treatment?

Psychologists are trained professionals who are equipped to diagnose specific learning disabilities by taking input from teachers and parents about the child’s academic struggles. 

Sometimes parents need time to cope with the dignosis; in the process, they might unknowingly express their frustration with the child, which can impact the child. A psychologist can help the families understand the diagnosis, teach them how to implement healthy communication patterns, and impart skills to support the child. 

At Cadabams, psychologists and a team of medical professionals, like psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, and family therapists, work together. Collectively, they develop a treatment plan tailored to the child and monitor its progress. 

How can psychologists in Hyderabad can help a SLD patient?

Psychologists can immensely help individuals with specific learning disabilities. They conduct various psychometric assessments, like intellectual capacity tests and academic achievement tests, after ruling out the presence of hearing disabilities, vision impairments, or developmental issues.  

They help the family comprehend the nature of the disability and suggest various ways to offer support. With the help of teachers, parents, and special educators, they curate an individualized treatment plan for the child with a holistic approach.  

Treatments offered by a SLD psychologist in Hyderabad

Our psychologists in Hyderabad treat learning disabilities by emphasizing various treatments. They assess and address any associated mental health issues through in-depth interviews and provide psychotherapy for a well-rounded approach. 

Treatment & Rehab Centers in Hyderabad for Specific Learning Disability

Cadabams has a network of centers dedicated to treating specific learning disabilities in South India. Cadabams Hyderabad provides a comprehensive range of evidence-based therapies administered by experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and therapists. For those searching for sustainable rehabilitation, the Calabams Center in Hyderabad offers a nurturing environment dedicated to individual recovery and personal development. 

How to find the best Specific Learning Disability psychologist in Hyderabad.

There are many hurdles in the lives of individuals with a specific learning disability, but you don’t have to face them alone. If you are searching for a psychologist in Hyderabad, you should consider Cadabams. We have more than 30 years of experience in providing mental healthcare. 

Our experienced psychologists provide evidence-based treatment with top-notch technology for the most effective treatment. This approach makes sure that your journey towards recovery is tailored and optimized for optimal results. 

We prioritize compassionate support, fostering a safe and nurturing environment where you can get judgment-free guidance. Reach out to us today to discover more about our services and how we can help you overcome learning challenges. 

Why Cadabams? 

Cadabams have been a source of hope for more than thirty years. Our team consists of renowned professionals known for their exceptional skills and unwavering commitment. Their expertise and genuine empathy foster an atmosphere where individuals with learning disabilities can thrive. 


1. What to expect during your first psychologist consultation for specific learning disability?  

During your first session with a psychologist, expect an in-depth interview to find out the root causes of your symptoms. Through conversations, the psychologist will assess your symptoms, their impact on your life, and any academic challenges you are facing. 

Psychologists will also examine any medical history and family mental health background to identify any underlying conditions, such as ADHD or depression, that could be contributing to your struggles. Some blood tests and brain imaging scans may also be suggested for an accurate diagnosis. 

It’s crucial to be honest with your psychologist about your problems, as this will help develop a diagnosis and treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. With the right support and help, individuals with learning disabilities can navigate their academic and personal lives, allowing them to live a fulfilling life. 

2. When is the right time to visit a psychologist for a specific learning disability?

When the child is experiencing difficulties with writing or basic math skills, it’s important to consult a psychologist. Book an impromptu appointment with a professional if your child shows severe symptoms like physical disorientation or an inability to focus. Mild symptoms that might affect daily activities should be addressed by a psychologist. With proper diagnosis and personalized treatment plans, children with learning disabilities can effectively manage their symptoms. An early consultation can empower children to overcome challenges successfully. 

3. How effective is it to consult a psychologist for specific learning disabilities?

A psychologist can help beyond diagnosis; they can discover the interconnectedness of physical, psychological, and social aspects of the disability. With their expertise in treating learning disabilities, they take a holistic approach and curate a personalized treatment plan that helps an individual overcome academic and social obstacles with enhanced confidence. They help with both understanding and managing the challenges of learning disabilities.

4. How much does a psychiatric consultation cost in Hyderabad?

Currently, psychologist consultations at cadabams hospitals cost ₹1500 for specific learning disabilities. The prices may differ depending on any additional service required by the individual. 

5. Where can I find a psychologist in Hyderabad?

Your search for a psychologist ends at Cadabams. We have an experienced team of psychologists and other mental healthprofessionals who can offer comprehensive treatment, an accurate diagnosis, tailored plans, and ongoing support. Finding the right support for learning disabilities is significantly important, and we understand that. We offer the best treatment available for learning disabilities in the mental healthcare sector. 

6. How to choose a psychologist in Hyderabad?

Selecting the right psychologist in Hyderabad for learning disabilities can significantly impact the child’s mental health and overall well-being. Here are a few factors to consider before making the choice:

Qualifications and experience: Find a psychologist who has the appropriate qualifications and is licensed to practice in Hyderabad. Check their experience in treating learning disabilities

Treatment approach: evaluate the psychologist’s treatment approach and ensure it alings with your preferences and requirements. Some psychologists focus on medication management, while others may adopt a holistic approach with psychotherapy.

Reviews and reputation: check their reputation and online reviews to gauge patient satisfaction and success rate. 

Accessibility: Consider a psychologist who is near your house or workplace, which will make it convenient for you to attend appointments.

Comfort level: it’s important to feel comfortable and at ease with your psychologist, as this can impact the effectiveness of treatment. Schedule a consultation or trial appointment to assess your comfort level with the psychologist. 

By considering these factors thoughtfully, you can make an educated decision and select a psychologist who can offer the appropriate treatment and support for treating learning disabilities. 

7. Can learning disability be cured by a psychologist?

Although it cannot be cured, it can be controlled with the correct assistance and intervention by a learning disability psychologist, allowing children with the disorder to succeed in school and in their careers.

8. How can a psychologist help with learning disorders?

Some children may benefit from therapy, depending on the type of learning disorder they have. Speech therapy, for example, can benefit youngsters with language disorders. Occupational therapy can assist a youngster with writing difficulties and improve his or her motor skills.

9. What are the different types of therapies used by Psychologists for learning disability?

Psychotherapy for children.

  • Talk therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for children.
  • Therapy that focuses on finding solutions.
  • Sensory integration therapy is a type of therapy that combines the senses.
  • Education on how to live a healthy life.
  • Family therapy.

10. What else can a learning disability psychologist help for other than behavioral issues?

Frustration, low self-esteem, worry, and despair are common emotions in children with learning impairments. His or her development and skills may be delayed. They may also have other medical disorders that necessitate different treatment, therapy from a psychologist.


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