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Suicide is not the Option: I Discovered Enduring Hope by Anonymous Person

I was dealing with a failing and toxic relationship. My heart was as shattered as the broken glass I was sitting in. The ache inside. The emotional pain was persistent and unyielding. At times, it was simply deafening. Sleepless nights filled with anxiety left me in a fetal position as I lay on the floor. I had no other words. Just raw pain and open wounds of multiple losses and rejection. I did not know how to make the pain stop. I was angry. I was hurt. I was sad. I was depressed!! 

The emotional pain overwhelmed me to the point of absolute hopelessness and despair.

Soon, I was bombarded with thoughts of suicide day and night. I did not want to die. But, I did want the pain to end! I wanted those who treated me unjustly to suffer the pain of loss and rejection I had experienced. I wanted them to forever grieve the day they rejected me. I wanted them to pay for the pain and emotional distress they caused me. I wanted justice and suicide was the way I chose to seek it. And I attempted! I nearly plunged in front of a train but was able to see someone to stop me. I cried for the entire day. It was horrible and the pain I can't even describe to this day. 

At 26 years of age, after an unsuccessful suicide attempt, I landed in a hospital psychiatric hospital for seven days. 

These people are crazy, I thought. I don't belong here. I called my psychiatrist and pleaded to be released immediately - to no avail.

But, That day I was given a second chance to live. The collective pain and shared stories of the people in the psychiatric hospital overwhelmed me. My pain and problems seemed to pale in comparison. With support, I committed to stay alive and to learn healthy ways to reconcile my painful crisis of loss, rejection, and conditional love. 

With the renewed strength, I got my life back several years ago. I laugh again. I smile again. I no longer swing back and forth on the pendulum of suicidal despair. I'm not depressed. I'm fully alive on the inside. Do I still have painful circumstances in my life? Yes! But, now I have enduring HOPE. And you can too! 

Friends, if you are contemplating suicide, then I am writing to you with need. So, listen very closely as you read every word, because this may be the most important message of your entire life! You Do Not Want To Die. You want to end the pain and suffering. 

This message is also to someone who has a loved one attempted suicide - remember suicide is a silent cry for help. 

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