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School Wellness Programs

Schools play a crucial role in the holistic development of the child. It is an ideal environment where we can enhance the social and emotional wellbeing of the students. By social and emotional wellbeing we mean, ability to manage emotions well, grow up to be confident individuals, able to deal with challenges effectively, have adequate intra and interpersonal skills and to enhance resilience. 

Objective of our School Wellness Programs

  • To enhance emotional wellness in children
  • To promote positive mental health
  • To reduce stigma about mental health concerns
  • For early identification of mental health issues in children 

Outline of our program 

Our program works with the primary stakeholders by addressing students, parents and teachers, by orienting them to various aspects of mental wellness. We collaborate with the schools and work with them based on the requirements of the schools or throughout the academic year as well. Our program is based on the four foundation pillars which are exploring self, interpersonal skills, dealing with emotions and understanding mental illnesses. 

Keeping in mind the four foundation pillars, we work towards enhancing children’s mental well-being which also caters to their academic, social and overall well-being. Following is the breakdown of how we deliver our school mental health programs. 

Students Workshops

We work with students at both individual and group level at their school premises. Our team provides students with support, guidance, nurturance and resources throughout the academic year. The objective of this individual session is for early identification of mental health issues. This helps break stigma barriers and makes the child more comfortable to reach out to a counselor in times of crisis. For the group sessions, we address various areas of emotional wellness and concern areas common for children of that age group. Some of the topics that we work on are: 

  • Peer relationships
  • Self esteem
  • Goal setting
  • Empathy building
  • Understanding depression
  • Resilience Building 
  • Dealing with exam stress 
  • Dealing with Bullying & Cyberbullying
  • Self Care 

And many more. 

Teacher Training Programs

We provide teacher training programs that help in understanding mental health, understanding various mental health issues in children, and equip teachers in dealing with emotional distress in children and provide emotional first aid. Some of the topics that we work on are: 

  • Stress & its management 
  • Empathy building in teachers 
  • Self Care 
  • Early identification of various mental illnesses in children 

Parent Awareness Programs

We conduct various parent awareness programs such as decoding stress, importance of self-care and positive parenting and awareness of various mental health issues among young children and adolescents. This equips the parents with coping skills for themselves and for their children. Some of the common topics that we present parents with are: 

  • Digital Free Parenting 
  • Handling temper tantrums 
  • Parenting teens 
  • Parenting styles 
  • Work life balance 
  • Talking about boundaries 
  • Deal with exam stress 
  • How to improve empathy in children 

Counselor at School

Our counsellors are stationed at the school premises on specific days of the week. The counsellors provide one on one counselling sessions for students either referred by teachers or school management or when students reach out themselves. 

24/7 Helpline for Students 

We provide 24/7 helpline for high school students where they can reach out and speak with our counsellors in times of emotional distress.

Contact us 

If you would like to sign up for our school wellness program please contact

Ms. Neha Cadabam: 9886168607 or email to neha@cadabams.org

Ms. Anitha Bharathan: 9902581366 or email to anitha@cadabams.org

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