5 daily habits that is hurting your mental health

by cadabamshospital

18 January,2019 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Unknowing everday we do hurt our mental health. Yes, every day! Want to know how? Continue reading. Here are the 5 daily habits that is hurting your mental health.    

1. Procrastination

‘Procrastination’ is the avoidance a specific task that needs to be compleated.

We all do procrastinate, in fact, it a challenge that we all do face in our daily life. It doesn't matter how planned and organised we are, we pospond our works. You may procrastinate for trivial pursuits such as laziness, going shopping or being online.

Research suggests that ‘people who do procrastinate have the chances of experiencing a higher level of stress and reduced level of well-being’.

Stress is linked to various health issues that may lead to conditions such as depression, anxiety, quality of sleep and cardiovascular disease or hypertension.


  • Make a list of tasks with respect to the priority
  • Avoid multitasking, finish them one by one
  • Give yourself reward for achieving tasks within the deadline

2. Poor sleeping pattern

Sleep and health are closely connected to each other. Poor sleeping pattern may result in impacting your well-being. Studies states, for healthy day, the human body requires at least 6 to 8 hour of a sound sleep.

Irregular sleep patterns may lead to restlessness, irritation and stress. In a long-term, you are at the risk of developing sleep-related disorders such as insomnia (sleeping less) and hypersomnia (sleeping more).


  • Maintain a standard and routine sleep pattern
  • Do exercise to make your body feel tried to bed
  • Avoid taking a huge meal before bed
  • Avoid consuming caffeine

3. Loneliness

Biologically, we all are social animals, all our physiologic mechanisms (hormones, cells and genes) are designed in a way to support social interactions.

According to the study conducted by Lisa F. Berkman and S. Leonard Syme, the risk of death is three times greater in the people with decreased social interactions.

Nowadays loneliness and isolation seem more common, especially with the teens and older adults. Social isolation may lead to the mental health condition that may result in severe depression, loneliness and suicidal thoughts.


  • Invite a friend to your house when you are alone
  • Make yourself busy with hobbies that you love to do
  • Take active participation in social communities  

4. Imbalanced diet

A study says- ‘about 20% of death around the world is because of unhealthy eating habits’.

Food not only serves as fuel to your body but also to the mind. Unhealthy food consumption may cause health effets such as diabetes, heart diseases, obesity and cancer.


  • Consume foods rich in vitamins and proteins
  • Add a full range of vegetables, fruits, legumes
  • Avoid taking junk foods and snacks
  • Maintain regular time for eating

5.  Excessive use of smartphones

Using smartphones once in a while doesn't count. But if it is more often then you are at risk. Scrolling insta, facebook or watching videos on YouTube all day is bad for your emotional well-being.

Tied up to your mobile phone makes you skip works (procrastination), sleep issues, lack of social interactions (loneliness) and poor eating habit.

An Korean based study conducted a test between smartphone addicts and non-addicts. Comparatively, addicted teenagers scored significantly scored higher than the non-addicts in anxiety, depression and impulsivity test.


  • Block all your notification.
  • Prefer to play outdoor games instead of mobile games.
  • Uninstall time-consuming apps.
  • Plan a no-phone day at least a week      

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