Psychologist for Anxiety in Bangalore

Why does one need a Psychologist for Anxiety? 

A psychiatrist who specializes in anxiety disorders is an essential member of the treatment team working to manage this condition. An anxiety disorder psychiatrist is responsible for diagnosing and prescribing medications to manage the symptoms of anxiety disorder, helping people live more functional lives. 

The psychiatrist also works closely with other treatment team members at Cadabams, such as clinical psychologists, counselors, and therapists, as well as family therapists. This multi-disciplinary team assesses an individual’s progress and develops a treatment plan that is tailored to their needs.

How psychologists in Bangalore can help an anxiety patient?

For those suffering from anxiety disorder, a psychiatrist can be the first and most important person to help them on their path to recovery. 

A psychiatrist can initially help with the more difficult symptoms of anxiety, such as panic attacks and anxiety-related stressors, mainly through medication like antidepressants and anxiety drugs. They keep track of the medication to see how effective it is and how many side effects it has.

Treatments offered by anxiety disorder psychologists in Bangalore

Our psychological consultants in Bangalore can help you overcome anxiety and get long-term relief. They carry out comprehensive assessments to get to know the patient’s anxiety history, anxiety symptoms, and any underlying mental health conditions. This allows them to make a precise diagnosis and create a tailored treatment plan.

Treatment & Rehab Centers in Bangalore for Anxiety

Psychologists at Cadabams Bangalore provide a variety of therapeutic methods for anxiety treatment. One such method is cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), aimed at assisting patients in recognizing and altering negative thought patterns and behaviours contributing to anxiety.

Another approach is motivational interviewing, which aids patients in exploring their mixed feelings about change and fostering inner motivation to overcome anxiety. Psychologists may also integrate mindfulness-based techniques like meditation and breathing exercises. This helps patients manage their stress levels to be able to cope with triggers and anxiety symptoms.

Alongside individual therapy, psychologists may offer group therapy or support groups, fostering a sense of community and mutual accountability among patients striving for anxiety recovery. The selection of treatment strategies depends on the unique needs and objectives of each patient, with psychologists collaborating closely to devise a personalized treatment plan that best supports their anxiety recovery journey.

Psychologists at Cadabams use a wide range of therapeutic methods to treat anxiety, such as Cognitive-behavioral Therapy (CBT) which helps people recognize and change their negative thinking patterns and behaviors that cause anxiety. 

Motivational Interviewing is another form of treatment that helps people explore their mixed emotions about change and provides them with the motivation they need to overcome their anxiety.  

Psychologists at Cadabams Bangalore also use mindfulness techniques, such as meditation and breathing, to help people manage their stress levels so they can better manage their anxiety symptoms and triggers. 

Group Therapy and Support Groups Psychologists offer group therapy and support groups to people who are looking to recover from anxiety. The type of group therapy and support group chosen depends on the individual needs and goals of the person, and the psychologist will work closely with them to create a customized treatment plan that will best support their anxiety recovery.

How to find the best Anxiety psychologist in Bangalore

If you are looking for the best anxiety disorder psychologists in Bangalore, then look no further! Our team of experienced psychologists & mental health professionals is committed to helping you cope with your anxiety symptoms and lead a life full of purpose. 

We create customized treatment plans based on your individual needs & preferences. Our professionals use evidence-based therapies and state-of-the-art technology to provide the best treatment available. We prioritize compassionate care and provide a safe & supportive environment for you to seek help without judgment. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you overcome anxiety.

Why Cadabams? 

Cadabams Bangalore is a premier mental health facility renowned for providing exceptional care for anxiety and other forms of mental health issues. We focus on a holistic and personalized approach to care, taking into account not only the symptoms but also the effects of anxiety on daily life, relationships and overall mental health. 

Cadabams believes in the importance of family involvement and community involvement in the recovery process. We strive to create a supportive and caring environment for people with anxiety. We have a long history of providing compassionate care and helping people on their journey to mental health.


What to expect during your first psychologist consultation for anxiety?

During your initial anxiety consultation with a psychologist, you will be asked to go through a series of questions about your symptoms, your medical history and if there are any family members with mental health issues. 

The psychologist will also do a physical exam to determine if there are any physical reasons for your symptoms. They may also suggest tests or diagnostic tests such as blood work, brain scans, or psychological tests to confirm your diagnosis and decide on the best treatment plan for you. 

It is important to be honest and open with your psychologist when discussing your symptoms and concerns, as this will help them to make a good diagnosis and create a treatment plan that meets your needs. With the right diagnosis and treatment for anxiety, people can lead happy lives.

When is the right time to visit  a psychologist for anxiety?

In cases where individuals with anxiety are grappling with severe symptoms like suicidal ideation or posing a danger to themselves or others, it’s crucial for them to swiftly reach out to a psychologist or another mental health specialist for professional assistance.

Additionally, for those experiencing less severe symptoms that still interfere with their daily life or cause distress, seeking help from a psychologist can be beneficial. This allows for a precise diagnosis and the development of a personalized treatment plan to effectively manage their symptoms.

How effective is it to consult a psychologist for anxiety?

A critical step in coping with anxiety is reaching out to a psychologist. They play a pivotal role in offering a precise diagnosis, devising a customized treatment plan, and monitoring your progress over time. With the appropriate treatment and support, you can effectively manage your anxiety symptoms and embark on a fulfilling life journey.

How much does a psychological consultation cost in Bangalore?

At Cadabams Bangalore, a psychological consultation for anxiety currently costs ₹1500. However, prices may vary depending on the specific services required.

Where can I find a psychologist in Bangalore?

If you’re looking for a psychologist in Bangalore to address anxiety, Cadabams Bangalore is worth considering. Our team comprises seasoned psychologists and mental health experts who specialize in providing thorough diagnosis, effective treatment, and continuous support for anxiety.

How do I choose a psychologist in Bangalore?

Choosing the right psychologist in Bangalore for managing anxiety is a significant decision that can profoundly affect your mental health and overall well-being. Here are several key factors to keep in mind when making your selection:

  • Qualifications and Experience: Look for a psychologist who is licensed and qualified to practice in Bangalore, with substantial experience in treating anxiety disorders.
  • Treatment Approach: Assess the psychologist’s treatment methods and determine if they align with your preferences and requirements. Some psychologists may specialize in cognitive-behavioral therapy, while others may integrate mindfulness techniques or other approaches. Choose a psychologist whose approach resonates with you.
  • Reviews and Reputation: Take the time to research online reviews and the psychologist’s reputation to gauge patient satisfaction and the success of their treatments.
  • Accessibility: Consider the psychologist’s location and accessibility in relation to your residence or workplace. Opting for a psychologist who is conveniently located can facilitate regular attendance at appointments, which is crucial for continuity of care.
  • Comfort Level: It’s essential to feel comfortable and at ease with your psychologist, as the therapeutic relationship plays a significant role in treatment outcomes. Consider scheduling an initial consultation or appointment to assess your comfort level with the psychologist.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make a well-informed decision and choose a psychologist who can provide the appropriate treatment and support to help you effectively manage your anxiety.

Does a psychologist play an important role in treating anxiety?

Yes, a psychologist plays a crucial role in treating anxiety. A psychologist can help you identify what is contributing to your anxiety – thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours, and help you to replace them with constructive ones that reduce your symptoms of anxiety. A psychologist can also encourage you to instil lifestyle changes that promote relaxation and soothe your anxiety.

Should I consult an online psychologist or visit in-person for anxiety?

Both online sessions and in-person sessions are found to be equally effective in terms of therapy outcomes. So it is upto your preference. Online therapy sessions could be beneficial as fitting a session in your schedule might be easier, it could save the time for commute, and if you are uncomfortable physically stepping into a psychologist’s clinic due to fear of being seen by familiar people, online sessions could be useful. In-person sessions may make it easier for you to build rapport with your therapist, your therapist would be able to learn more about you through your body language cues, and it would be devoid of any internet issues that could disrupt the session in-between.

Is it enough to consult only a psychologist for anxiety?

If your anxiety is mild and you are able to manage it, consulting a psychologist would be enough. In case your anxiety is severe and if you also have a tendency to engage in self-harm or suicidal ideations, then it would be useful to consult a psychiatrist as well.

How can I help myself with anxiety in addition to consulting a psychologist?

In addition to consulting a psychologist on a regular basis, you may incorporate certain lifestyle changes such as – practicing yoga or other forms of exercise, mindfulness, reducing caffeine intake, practicing relaxation techniques or deep breathing techniques, journal your thoughts and question them, etc.


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