Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Can PTSD be cured?

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If you experience a threatening or traumatic episode, it is typical to feel lots of feelings, for example, trouble, fear, weakness, blame, shame or anger. You may begin to feel better after days or weeks, however some of the time, these emotions don't leave. In the event that the side effects keep going for over a month, you may have post-traumatic anxiety issue or PTSD.

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder which will occur the individual may experience or witness of a trauma ting events such as war, natural disasters, car or plane crashes, terrorist attacks, sudden death of loved ones, rape, kidnapping, assault, sexual or physical abuse, childhood neglect etc.

Symptoms of PTSD:

  • Constant thoughts about the trauma: The individual may see that thoughts about the grievance come to mind in spite of when you don't need them to. You may likewise have bad dreams or flashbacks about the harm or may get distinctly vexed when something helps you to remember the event.
  • Being always alert or on guard: The individual may simply angered, nervous or irritable and preoccupied with safety measures, lack of concentration, sleep disturbances, physical illness like diarrhoea, rapid breathing, constipation, muscle tension or rapid heart rate.
  • Avoiding indications of the trauma: The individual might not have any wish to discuss the event or associate with individuals or spots that help you to remember the event. The individual additionally may feel sincerely numb, withdrew from loved ones, and lack of interest towards activities.

Treatment for PTSD:

PTSD can treat with success. Support and treatment are important to the person recovery.  Even if the person memories won’t go away, they can find out how to manage their response to this recollection of memories and the opinion they bring up.  Person can also reduce the intensity and frequency their reactions.

Psychotherapy: Even though it difficult to face the trauma the individual went through, there is hope to get help from mental health specialist. There are therapies to treat PTSD like

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy it helps the person to change the thought process that help the person to overcome the anxiety.
  • Exposure therapy, in which the person work with psychologist to help the person tackle the situation and memories that causes their pain or distress.
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy is mainly concentrate on identifying current situations in life they worked on symptoms and traumatic memories of PTSD.
  • Family therapy and counselling for couples are also prompts understanding each other.


To treat PTSD symptoms medications such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRI are used and it will help to reduce the anxiety and depression symptoms. Sedatives and anti anxiety medicine are also used in PTSD treatment.

The PTSD effects are influence the individual along with family members. If PTSD is affecting you or you’re loved one considers contacting the psychologist for counselling. Call us now on +919741476476 for PTSD treatment.

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