Sleep Disorders and Depression

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14 July,2017 | 4 years read

How are Sleep Disorders and Depression related?

We come across people who look depressed at work and upon being asked they say they didn't have enough sleep the previous night. Also, there are few people who complain that it is their depressive episodes that are harming their sleep. Now, are sleep disorders the cause of depression or is it a vice versa? This is one of the questions we often encounter with when come across sleep and depression issues. To brief on the difference between these two aspects know what are Sleep Disorders and Depression first.

Sleep Disorders-

A Sleep Disorder is a kind of illness that relates to sleeping difficulties. Most of the individuals just go through unusual situations looking at the clock when they do not get sleep during some nights. But, do you know for some this is a daily routine and tends to become an illness. This will affect and interrupt in their day to day activities of their life. This condition is called as Insomnia, a sleep disorder indicated by abnormal sleep patterns which interfere with mental, physical, and emotional functioning.

Another sleep disorder called as Hypersomnia tends a person to sleep in excess.  People who suffer from hypersomnia fall asleep at any time; for instance, at work or even while they are driving.

Sleep apnea is another serious sleep disorder which occurs as and when the person’s sleep is disturbed due to breathing problems.

A person diagnosed with sleep disorders feels the below symptoms-

  • Sleep difficulties- Lack of sleep/ excessive sleepiness/ breathing problems during sleep.
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Loss of Concentration

Sleep Disorders are caused by stress, anxiety and depressive episodes. A constant chronic pain also contributes to these sleep disorders.


Depression is a form of a disorder that is usually characterized by a feeling of sadness. We all feel sad and moreover, it is a part of human lives. But, when this sadness is persistent, gets intense and preoccupies your life, these can be signs of depression. This affects your loved one not only physically but also mentally.

Symptoms of depression are-

  • Feeling of sadness
  • Decrease in sleep
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Feeling anxious, etc

Depression can be caused by a number of factors of which the sleep disorders are the one.

Hence by now, you might have got an idea of what are sleep disorders and depression and also how they are linked. The relation between depression and sleep is really a complex issue. Because it is not clearly known as to which occurs first. Whichever comes the first, the primary thing is the cure.

It is very important to get a good diagnosis and the treatment right away if you find yourself having a sleep disorder and depression. When they are left untreated, they tend to have a negative impact on your mental health and lead to serious consequences. They lower your performance at workplace, lack your ability in day to day activities and also cause shears in relationships.

Treatment options for Sleep Disorders and Depression

Before you get into the treatment options for overcoming sleep disorders and depression problems, here are few ways how you can cope with it-

  • Regular Exercise- A good exercise is very effective in keeping you away from stress and depression problems. They also tend to reduce the intensity of mental health illnesses.
  • Meditation- Meditating at least for 10 minutes a day will leave your mind fresh and undisturbed from stress.
  • A good night sleep- Sleep is very much essential to keep your mind and body in focus and concentration.
  • Talk to your loved one- Your close one such as a family member or a close friend will know you better than anyone else. Talk to them and know as to how they can assist you in this issue.

If none of the above works for you, it is advisable you get into the treatment options for the same. Choose from the best available treatment as they do exists cognitive-behavior therapy, medications, biofeedback and also some of the relaxation techniques to treat sleep disorders and depression problems.

Do attend a counseling session with the best counselor or a psychiatrist for the same to know about the best combination of the treatment processes.

If you or your loved one is having sleep disorders and depression issues, visit or call us @+919741476476 to consult our best psychologists and psychiatrists to improve your sleep hygiene.


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