Sleep Disorders and Depression

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Not getting enough sleep for a long period of time can lead to a lack of energy, low moods and disinterest that might eventually turn into depression. Depressive episodes are also know to cause problems in sleeping.

Now, are sleep disorders the cause of depression or is it a vice versa? This is one of the questions we often encounter when we come across sleep and depression issues. To brief on the difference between these two aspects, you should know what is Sleep Disorders and Depression first.

Sleep Disorders and Depression might not look like fatal issues but over a prolonged period, they can hamper your lifestyle and lead to other ailments in the body. It is essential that you get early diagnosis and treatment to counter the effects and lead a healthy life. Cadabam’s hospital in Bangalore provides comprehensive and holistic treatment plans for both the scenarios.

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Sleep Disorders

A Sleep Disorder is an issue that relates to sleeping difficulties. 

Sleeping Disorders can affect and interrupt day to day activities of their life. This condition is called Insomnia, a sleep disorder indicated by abnormal sleep patterns which interfere with mental, physical, and emotional functioning.

Types Of Sleep Disorder 

Following are the types of sleep disorder – 

  1. Insomnia 
  2. Sleep Apnea 
  3. Parasomnias
  4. Restless Leg Syndrome 
  5. Narcolepsy

What Are The Symptoms Of Sleep Disorder?

 An individual who is suffering from sleep disorder depression is likely to experience the following symptoms – 

  1. Fatigue 
  2. Difficulty in falling or staying asleep 
  3. Irregular breathing patterns 
  4. Urge to sleep during the day
  5. Urge to move while falling asleep 
  6. Unexpected changes in sleep/wake cycle
  7. Anxiety 
  8. Impaired performance at school or work

Sleep Disorders are caused by stress, anxiety and depressive episodes. A constant chronic pain also contributes to these sleep disorders.


Depression is a form of a disorder that is usually characterized by a feeling of sadness. We all feel sad and moreover, it is a part of human lives. But, when this sadness is persistent, gets intense and preoccupies your life, these can be signs of depression. This affects your loved one not only physically but also mentally.

Symptoms of depression are-

  1. Feeling of sadness
  2. Decrease in sleep
  3. Suicidal thoughts
  4. Feeling anxious, etc

What Is The Link Between Sleep Disorder And Depression?

The lack of sleep is one of the prominent signs of depression. Moreover, oversleeping is another sign indicating clinical depression. Although experiencing sleep disorder does not necessarily cause depression, inadequate sleep plays an important role. Lack of sleep caused by other illnesses or personal issues can make depression worse. According to reports, more than 70% of people suffering from depression are already experiencing some type of sleep disturbance. Additionally, sleep disorders such as Hypersomnia and insomnia increase the likelihood of depression systems by 10%. 

It is very important to get a good diagnosis and the treatment right away if you find yourself having a sleep disorder and depression. When they are left untreated, they tend to have a negative impact on your mental health and lead to serious consequences. They lower your performance at the workplace, lack your ability in day to day activities and also cause shears in relationships.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of sleep disorders and depression, then experts at Cadabam’s Hospitals will be able to help you with the same. There is a multispecialty team of psychiatrists, psychologists, and physicians who have strong experience in treating various issues that include sleep disorders and depression. Based on the system, you will be provided with effective therapy for depression or sleep disorders based on your needs. 

Cadabams has been providing quality care services for over three decades. If you, too, are looking for a reliable medical center to treat your sleep disorder and depression, you can contact the team at Cadabam’s Hospitals by filling the ‘book an appointment’ form online. Moreover, you can also perform a self-assessment by answering a couple of questions. And to contact the team directly, you can call them on +91 97414 76476, +91 7353226622, or email at

Treatment Options for Sleep Disorders and Depression

Before you get into the treatment options for overcoming sleep disorders and depression problems, here are few ways how you can cope with it by making a few lifestyle changes -

  1. Regular Exercise- A good exercise is very effective in keeping you away from stress and depression problems. They also tend to reduce the intensity of mental health illnesses.
  2. Meditation- Meditating at least for 10 minutes a day will leave your mind fresh and undisturbed from stress.
  3. A good night sleep- Sleep is very much essential to keep your mind and body in focus and concentration.
  4. Talk to your loved one- Your close one such as a family member or a close friend will know you better than anyone else. Talk to them and know as to how they can assist you in this issue.

Following are some of the treatment options that medical experts leverage to treat sleep disorders and depression – 

  • Medications 

Sometimes doctors may treat insomnia and depression by prescribing selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRI or another antidepressant with sedating antidepressant or hypnotic medication. These are some of the effective medications that will help you in sleeping. Some of the medications in SSRI include – 

  1. Sertraline 
  2. Paroxetine 
  3. Fluoxetine 
  4. Citalopram 
  5. Psychotherapy and Support

In some cases, sleep therapy can prove more beneficial as opposed to medication. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can improve sleep by modifying your behavior prior to bedtime and changing the ways of thinking that keep you from getting good sleep. Moreover, the therapy also focuses on elevating your relaxation skills and modifying lifestyle habits that affect your sleeping patterns. Counseling, CBT, mindfulness, biofeedback, etc., are also a part of psychotherapy. 

Why Cadabam’s Hospitals?

Treating sleep disorder and depression in a timely manner is imperative. At Cadabam’s, you will receive comprehensive care for your concerns. Our multispecialty team of mental health professionals perform a thorough evaluation and build customized treatment plans that will work best for you or your loved one. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the most common causes of sleep problems?

Some of the most common causes of sleep disorders include an irregular sleep schedule, stress, mental health disorder, depression, anxiety, physical illness, etc. 

What are the types of depression?

There are seven types of depression that include – 

  1. Bipolar disorder 
  2. Major depression
  3. Psychotic depression
  4. Persistent depressive disorder 
  5. Peripartum depression 
  6. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder 
  7. Situational depression 

What is the main cause of depression?

Depression occurs when the brain has too little or too much of certain chemicals. It is also caused by the genetic vulnerability, faulty mood regulation, stressful lifestyle, medical issues, etc.

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