How to Control Anxiety?

by cadabamshospital

08 February,2018 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

How to control anxiety?- According to WHO, 3.6% of the population which is approximately 264 million people undergo anxiety issue. Anxiety became one of the most annoying emotional and behavioral problems among human beings. To provoke an awareness on this lighting, here are some wide open gates available to overcome anxiety. Let's open up well-being.

How to control anxiety:

1. Take a Break:

The thinking pattern would become difficult when an individual undergoes anxiety. Hence providing a time break might calm down the body physically. Occupy yourself for 15 to 20 minutes by walking or jogging around, make a cup of tea or have a bath.

2. Seek Secure Place:

When you are under the symptoms like overwhelmed condition, fast and rapid heartbeats, palms sweating then the best idea is not to uphold it. Search for a place where you feel safe and relax with minimal physical activities.

3. Breathing Techniques:

Breath deep and slow by placing the hands on the stomach. The ultimate goal is to enhance the mind and body from anxiety. An efficient approach to cope with anxiety symptoms is to try breathing techniques.

4. Face The Fear:

The common mistake that most of the individuals do in anxiety is not facing the fears. Furthermore, it makes the situation and condition even more severe. So, face them instead of escaping.

5. Stop Imagining:

When an individual undergoes a rapid heartbeat for instance. The individual might begin to assume that it will progress to heart attack, which is not possible. Stop imagining any bad can happen to you.

6. Avoid Negative Thinking:

You are not the only one who has bad days and setbacks and of course anxiety. Therefore, stop intensifying negative thoughts inside you.

7. Try Out Activities:

Sound sleep, satisfied nutritious meals and walk or jog will enhance recovery and productivity. People often prefer alcohol and drugs to subdue or self-treat anxiety. In this case, it will not help you out instead it preferably makes the condition worse.

8. Picturise Peace:

Just close your eyes and feel the place of sanctuary and smooth. Spread that positive thought throughout the mind. Moreover, continue until it flows and gives you the feel of relaxation.  

9. Exchange Thoughts:

Share your thoughts on how you feel to a trustworthy person. Furthermore, find and engage into some communities on social media about who can help you in overcoming anxiety. Also, you can even start self-journal and write how you feel today.

10. Reach Professional Help:

The best and most effective way to defeat anxiety is to reach a professional help. Cadabam's launching anxiety group therapy for the suffering individuals which is purely evidence-based done by NIMHANS trained professionals.