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REBT was developed by the psychologist Dr. Albert Ellis, and it is based on Epictetus’ philosophy that it is not the events themselves that cause us distress, but the thoughts and beliefs about them that lead to negative emotions. According to Dr. Ellis, upset feelings stem from basically “three musts”, which includes the demands from oneself (“I must have others’ approval”), others (“They must treat me with kindness, fairness, and respect always”), or the world (“They must do it the way I want or they deserve to be punished”). Moreover, in REBT, the therapist helps the client develop unconditional acceptance of self, others, and the world at large.

REBT helps not only to shift your brain from a depressed to a normal state; it along with other cognitive approaches such as CBT can help you feel better as well. Brain scans have shown REBT to be effective in normalizing brainwave patterns and preventing relapses of depression. It can help with other disorders as well that accompany depressive thinking such as frustration, panic, anger, and anxiety.

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Is REBT effective for Depression?

Yes, studies have shown REBT to be an effective therapy for the treatment of Depression. However, it can be used in conjunction with medications for more severe cases. 

What are the benefits of REBT for Depression?

REBT helps reduce the symptoms of depression in various ways –

  • Helps pinpoint and change negative thoughts and behavioural patterns that contribute to depression,
  • Fosters more unconditional self-acceptance,
  • Helps change unrealistic expectations of self and others,
  • Helps rewire your brain to think less rigid thoughts, and thus experience more positive emotions. 

How many numbers of sessions are required? 

REBT is considered a short term therapy treatment. However, the number of sessions required differs from individual to individual. In more severe cases of depression, psychiatric medications along with therapy may be prescribed.

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