Emotional Exhaustion Signs to See in Yourself

by cadabamshospital

10 January,2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Stress is a normal part of life people don't always recognize about, but knowing when you need a break is crucial in life. You don't get along very far in life without getting that it's full of ups and downs. At one point you may feel like you can take on the world on the tip of your finger, and the next moment you're in the extents of hopelessness. Eventually, all of these extremes can begin to be too much. Here are telltale emotional exhaustion signs that you might be headed for.

Major Emotional Exhaustion Signs

  • You are exhausted all the time: You wake up exhausted and the idea of getting out of bed and going to work makes you feel fatigued and emotional.

  • Nothing feels good: When you don’t care about the things that ones made you feel good or happier because you are too tired to put in any effort and instead choose to curl up in bed do something that requires 0% effort.

  • You get irritated very quickly: When everything seems to get on your nerves or even the slightest thing seems monumental and unbearable such as a sarcastic comment, tone of someone’s voice, or even the way someone smiles at you.

  • You start experiencing the symptoms of anxiety: Your mind is racing and you are full of overwhelming thoughts or you feel overwhelmed with uncontrollable emotions.
  • You are having health problems: Your body showing you physical signs of stress is a signal that you need to make a lifestyle change! The longer you choose to stay in unhealthy circumstances, your body will continue to have worsening emotional exhaustion signs.
  • You have trouble sleeping at night: When you lay there, staring at the ceiling, thinking about all the things that stress you out even though you are absolutely exhausted. As soon as sleep deprivation catches you, you become increasingly irritable and depressed.
  • You just don’t care anymore: When motivations hit 0% and you stop caring and let things slowly destroy you such as your job performance goes low, unhealthy eating habits, or even taking care of your appearance like you used to.

  • Sometimes you start crying for no reason: The smallest thing makes you want to burst into tears and you feel trapped in your life and the circumstances that you are surrounded by.
  • Your relationships are starting to suffer: When you start responding to your friends and family in a negative way as you becoming increasingly argumentative and prefer to be alone by yourself.

  • You have feelings of hopelessness: Once you reach physical and emotional exhaustion, you feel like things are never going to change and it's going to be the same for the rest of your life. You tend to focus on the negative you are experiencing.

Emotional Exhaustion Treatment & Help

Know there is hope always, no matter where you are and what you do! You owe it to yourself to take a break! Seek professional help. We’d be happy to help you! Call us today at +91 97414 76476 or visit Cadabam’s Hospitals. Learn more about emotional exhaustion recovery and all the help you need.