Finding a Quiet Moment in the Chaotic Modern World

by cadabamshospital

05 October,2018 | Reading Time: < 1 minute

Finding a Quiet Moment,  

Feels so positive, calm and pleasant….

But can we actually find a quiet moment for at least a minute in this chaotic tech world??? If we decide to sit quietly and relax for, we get hundred of running thoughts in our minds, never-ending Whatsapp chat messages from different groups, important emails from the employer and what not to disturb that quiet moment of ours. Too many connections have made us disconnected from the content of life. The technology was supposed to make our life easy, yes it has made our life easy, but unfortunately, it has made bitterly easy. In the urge to build connections we have disconnected from self, we have forgotten to be with ourselves.

Come let’s all take a promise to find that quiet moment and prove that we still love us.

Here are three tips to help you find a quiet moment

  • Reconnect with nature: connecting to nature means connecting to self. Nature elicits the most positive physiological responses, so just watch a tree a landscape at your office or make your own small garden at home and look at them silently. You will calm and relaxed.
  • Meditate for just five minutes a day: Meditation improves both your physical and psychological health. Meditation can actually expand the grey matter in your brain, and allow you to become still and quiet. It also enhances creativity, increases your ability to focus and improves memory.
  • Get away from your gadgets and social media: For at least once a week you detoxify yourself from all toxins of social media. Just spend some time with yourself, eat what you love most, and read what you love most.

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