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How can a Psychiatrist help you?

Any form of mental health is a serious concern that can affect your day-to-day feelings, thoughts, perceptions and behaviors. So, pay attention to your mental wellbeing and seek help. Do not let the fear of consulting a psychiatrist stop you from getting the needed treatment. Let's work together to revive your wellbeing and happiness.

A psychiatrist will help evaluate and diagnose your mental and emotional condition. Eventually, they will help relieve your symptoms and control the condition by curating a clear cut treatment plan involving therapy, lifestyle changes, medication and rehab if needed.

Qualified psychiatrists can also prescribe medications like stimulants, antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and hypnotics to alleviate your mental health symptoms. Seldom, if recurrence of symptoms happens, our team of the best psychiatrist in Hyderabad will formulate a rehabilitation treatment which may have to be carried out at a residential treatment centre to ensure that the episodes do not reoccur.

Your psychiatrist will even explain the following things about the recommended treatment:

  • Why is this treatment prescribed?
  • How does it work?
  • Side effects of treatment or medication, if any
  • Cost of your treatment

A Step by Step Process of the Psychiatric Diagnosis & Treatment

The treatment procedure in psychiatry is not similar to other fields of medicine. It relies significantly on the patient's response to psychotherapy or medication. Diagnosing and treating a mental disorder is a multi-step approach. A psychiatrist will evaluate all your physical and mental symptoms to create an accurate management and recovery plan. The steps involved are:

General Queries

During the first appointment, a psychiatrist will ask you various questions regarding medical and psychiatric history in your family, along with any prescribed medication.


A medical professional may conduct a physical exam to know if any physical issues are contributing factors. It helps to know any underlying physical ailment causing mental disorders, like a neurological disorder or brain tumor. As part of the process, your doctor will ask for specific lab tests, a physical exam, and a psychological evaluation. Sometimes, a proper diagnosis may also require more than one visit.

Treatment Plan

After your diagnosis, the psychiatrist doctor in Hyderabad will start the treatment as per the results. Remember, treatment for psychotic disorders differs from one person to another, even if both have the same problem.

A psychiatrist may provide you one or a combination of therapies suited for your mental health condition. The psychotherapies include talk therapy, counseling, EMDR therapy, behavioral therapies, hypnosis, and desensitization therapy for phobias.


In severe cases, your mental health professional will prescribe medication and will observe your response to the drug regularly. Antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, antipsychotic medications, and mood-stabilizing medications are the four primary medications recommended by psychiatrists to treat various psychotic disorders. Again, a prescription will depend on your mental state and response to therapies.

Recovery Period

You and your psychiatrist will work closely to determine the effect of drugs and therapies on you because the results, benefits, risks, and side effects need continuous assessments. If there are any side effects or improvements, he or she will change your prescription.

Also, several patients suffering from severe mental disorders can improve and reconnect with life through proper therapies, emotional, and social support. As a result, a psychiatrist doctor in Hyderabad can lower medication dosages.

What Mental Disorders are
Addressed by Psychiatrists?

Mental Illness Treatment Process

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What Our Clients Have To Say

Excellent hospital and excellent doctors. They listen to you very patiently, do a thorough are check before starting the treatment which inspires a lot of confidence. Dr. Madhukar is one of the best doctors I've met so far.

Narasimha Prasad

Excellent hospital and excellent doctors. They listen to you very patiently, do a thorough are check before starting the treatment which inspires a lot of confidence. Dr. Madhukar is one of the best doctors I've met so far.

Narasimha Prasad

Excellent hospital and excellent doctors. They listen to you very patiently, do a thorough are check before starting the treatment which inspires a lot of confidence. Dr. Madhukar is one of the best doctors I've met so far.

Narasimha Prasad


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Psychiatry Services: FAQs

What qualifications to look for while choosing a psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists must get an undergraduate degree before attending medical training to earn an MD. Completing an additional four years of residency training in mental health is also crucial, which incorporates working in the hospital's psychiatric department. During this training period, mental health practitioners practice diagnosing techniques and psychotherapy treatments for different mental disorders, including schizophrenia, PTSD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and others.

Some psychiatrists may opt for a further fellowship as per their specific areas of interest, like geriatric psychiatry, drug addiction, neuropsychiatry, child and adolescent therapy. After completing the education and training period, a psychiatrist can work in psychiatry hospitals in Hyderabad, University's medical centers, rehab centers, prisons, and private clinics.

What is the difference between psychiatrists and psychologists?

Consulting a psychiatrist is an ideal option when medication is necessary along with psychotherapy to treat a mental disorder. However, psychologists will treat the mental illness only through one-on-one talk sessions. Psychiatrists are qualified to prescribe medicines, but psychologists are not.

When should I seek psychiatric help?

Get instant help from an experienced psychiatrist in Hyderabad if you notice more than one of these symptoms -

  • prolonged sadness or depression
  • feeling disconnected
  • personality change
  • eating and sleeping disorder
  • finding it hard to carry regular activities
  • unable to concentrate
  • frequent low moods
  • excessive anxiety
  • panic attacks

What are different categories of mental disorders?

The seven general categories of mental disorders are anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, trauma-related disorders, psychotic disorders, and substance abuse disorders.

Do I need any tests for mental health issues?

Yes, you may be recommended certain medical tests, such as x-rays, blood tests, or cat scans. It helps screen the underlying causes of your mental condition.