How to Cure Anxiety Disorder

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11 February,2017 | 3 years read

Anxiety disorders can be very difficult to cope with as it does not only have psychological symptoms but a mixture of both physical and psychological manifestation. But like any other mental illness, anxiety disorders also has quite a few treatment options. If you are looking for how to cure anxiety disorder, then an appropriate treatment program is made for an individual after an in-depth testing, psychometric assessment, and discussion with a mental health professional. There is two mental health professional who engage in the treatment of any mental disorders; psychiatrists and psychologists.

Top Treatments to help you know How to Cure Anxiety Disorder

How to Cure Anxiety Disorder

First, let us look at the available treatment options for anxiety disorders:

  • Psychotherapy:
  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy: Among the various psychotherapies available cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is the most frequently used and recommended. In CBT the whole goal is to change the individual’s thought process. Here it is believed that an inner negative thought exists that influences behavior and which needs to be changed.
  2. Acceptance and commitment therapy: Acceptance and commitment therapy or ACT is a new emerging therapy whose aim is to accept and bring a change. Here the belief is that; trying to control the anxieties will only create an additional issue. So instead of that here they look to accept the anxious thoughts, become aware and mindful of them and then bring a change.
  • Biofeedback:
  1. Neurofeedback: Neurofeedback is an intervention wherein sensors are attached to the head. These sensors record and process the brain activity and display it on a screen in the form a game. Here the individual scores only when their brain activity functions in a particular manner following a particular pattern. Neurofeedback helps the individual focus and concentrate which is a difficult task in anxiety especially when individual are constantly engaged in anxious thoughts. Other biofeedback techniques are also used to help the individual relax and control their thoughts.
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation:

This therapeutic intervention uses magnetic fields to induce small electric current to specific regions of the brain. This is often recommended when psychotherapy and medications do not show expected improvements. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a safe non-invasive intervention and is administered after looking at the progress of the patient and their physical condition.

  • Medications:

There are various medications prescribed for anxiety disorders involve physical symptoms. These medications help in reducing the physical symptoms and help the individual relax.

How to cure anxiety disorder with help of Psychiatrists and psychologists

How to Cure Anxiety Disorder

When it comes to the mental health professional in treating anxiety disorders both psychiatrist and psychologist play their own respective parts.

Psychiatrists focus on the biological aspect of the disorder and therefore recommend medications. They help alter the hormonal levels and thus decreasing anxiety symptoms. Psychologists focus on the behavioral aspect and recommend psychotherapy and self-help techniques to reduce the symptoms.

Professionals treat Anxiety disorder from both biological as well as behavioral level. After examining the individual's biological aspects, the physical symptoms are reduced through medication.

Coping with anxiety symptoms is a constant struggle for an individual suffering from anxiety disorder as it requires a lot of effort, determination, and practice. But with a proper and appropriate treatment program, care and a lot of social support it can be cured.

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