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CBT helps a person with PTSD improve their functioning, which has been hampered by their symptoms, by helping them change their dysfunctional thoughts, feelings and behaviours regarding the traumatic incident. CBT is based on the interlinked connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and moreover understands that changing one, such as thoughts, can lead to changes in the other domains, that is – feelings and behaviours. CBT can be administered in an individual therapy or a group therapy session.
Some of the ways in which CBT can help a person with PTSD include –
• Identifying and modifying cognitive distortions (such as having negative expectations and over-generalizing of bad situations to normal, daily situations).
• Encouraging more beneficial and balanced thinking patterns.
• Educating the patient regarding the common reactions to trauma.
• Equipping the patient with coping skills for stress management and relaxation.
• Helping the patient confront their trauma in a controlled, gradual manner instead of letting them avoid the trauma reminders.
• Helping the patient plan for any potential crises thereby fostering emotional safety.


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How effective is CBT for PTSD?

CBT is effective in modifying the negative thinking patterns regarding the trauma in a PTSD patient which results in positive changes in their feelings, behaviours, and physiology.

What are the benefits of CBT for PTSD?

CBT helps a PTSD patient gain a more objective understanding regarding their experienced trauma, makes them aware of their distorted thinking patterns, equips them with skills to cope with their emotional distress and reduce their avoidance behaviours, and helps them gain self-confidence and a sense of control over their lives.

How many numbers of sessions are required?

The number of CBT sessions required is different for each individual depending on the impact of trauma and how long they take to recover from it.

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