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Will Stress Counselling Help Me Manage Stress?

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Stress isn’t uncommon. We all have stress in some form or another and for one reason or another. However, stress becomes a concern when it is prolonged and is affecting other aspects of your life. For instance, if you’re losing weight due to stress, if you have lost appetite, if your stress is affecting your personal relationships – then it’s important to attend to your stress with utmost seriousness. If it’s left unchecked, not only will it get worse but even controlling it at the later stages would become challenging. Stress relief counseling can help you here. 

Cadabams has an excellent team of mental health professionals who can help you manage your stress through proper interventions. We recognize that the needs of every individual is unique and provide personalised care accordingly. Reach out to us for more information on our counselling services.

Stress is Common Response (BUT It Can Be Bad for Your Health)

In order to maintain the overall health of the body and mind, managing stress is important. It can enhance your mood, boost your immune power, provide prolonged energy, and more importantly help you achieve high productivity. When the stress is not managed well it might take control of you by developing a range of disorders or illnesses. Stress plays such a powerful role in the well-being of humankind because it’s a natural call and response that is incorporated in the cerebrum; so it can’t be nullified.

The physical and mental impact of stress on the body

Driving in traffic, working in the office, attending countless meetings, and waiting for the last tick on the clock... At this point, the hypothalamus, a small control tower in the brain sends the stress to hormones. The same hormones are responsible to trigger a “fight or flight” response wherein your heart starts beating fast. This response is actually built to protect the body against emergency situations. But when stress starts penetrating continuously, day after day, it could seat the health at a dangerous risk. Some of the cognitive issues with respect to mental effects include high blood pressure, increased heart rate, respiration problem, and more. There are chances of stress coupling with bipolar, schizophrenia, insomnia, dementia, and other problems as well. When you are consistently raging towards the stress without making any adjustments to counter the effects, stress might eat you and make your health worse.

Role of stress in sexuality and reproductive system

As we saw, stress affects both body and mind. It’s obvious to lose the desire for things when stress strikes continuously. Short-term stress produces more testosterone; this effect does not last long.

In the case of long-term stress, a male’s testosterone level begins to drop. This might affect the production of sperms and lead to impotence. As for women, the menstrual cycle might be affected. It can result in an irregular, heavier, or painful period.

Get the Right Help at Cadabam’s Hospitals

The experts at Cadabam’s Hospital offer a number of services and interventions depending upon the condition and the stress type of the patient. Here are some of the holistic treatment offered by the team as a part of stress and anger management counselling

  • CBT: The experts at the hospital treat the patients with the method of cognitive-behavioral treatment. In this, the expert analyses the behavior of the patients to understand the pattern and to treat them accordingly.
  • Family Therapy: Often stress can lead to problems in the family. Family therapy basically is about counselling the family members to help them understand the problems and situation of the patient. The experts also guide the family members in how to tackle the situations of stress attacks of the patient.
  • Group Therapy: A group of people with similar conditions and symptoms are brought together for counselling and therapy. In Group Therapy, Each of them talks out about their problems and the ways that they use for tackling the problem. The expert mentors the whole session and offers counselling as and when needed.
  • Interpersonal Counselling: At times, the patient requires dedicated attention. In such a case, the psychologist will offer sittings of interpersonal counselling to the patient to treat the condition. Depending upon the stress type and the severity of the condition, the expert decides the number of sittings to be offered.
  • Other Options: Apart from the above-mentioned options, there are also many other options that psychologists and psychiatrists offer as a part of the treatment method. The psychiatrist may prescribe medication after running certain tests. At times, biofeedback and neurofeedback options are used to understand the condition of the patient and then treat accordingly. 

So, if you are also facing the challenges of stress for long now, you should surely get in touch with the experts at Cadabam’s Hospitals to get a solution at the earliest, before your condition starts worsening. 

Feel free to get in touch with us to perceive the best treatment options by highly trained professionals and beat the stress in the right way. In crisis call us at +91 9741476476 or visit Cadabam’s Hospitals.

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