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Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

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The signs of Alzheimer's disease are frequently misdiagnosed because they are mistaken for ordinary old-age symptoms. To better manage Alzheimer's symptoms, early detection and intervention are required. When a person is in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, some caretakers require assistance. Other carers seek assistance when the person has advanced Alzheimer's disease. It's quite OK to seek assistance whenever you require it. All in-home services are not created equal. Non-medical care, such as assistance with daily activities, is provided by some in-home services. Medical treatment provided by a licensed health professional, such as a nurse or physical therapist, is another in-home service.Home health care aides are trained, licensed medical professionals that come to your home to assist you in recovering from an illness or accident. Aides provide expert nursing care, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as other medical services that your doctor coordinates. Cadabams' years of experience and experienced multispecialty team create personalized Alzheimer's home care.

Alzheimer's Psychiatry: What is it and how can it help you?


Living with Alzheimer's and Overcoming Them: Survivor Stories


Our Infrastructure, Care Facilities and Strong Community Support Ensure Better Patient Outcomes

Specific learning disability
Personality disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Drug addiction
Chronic Pain

What advice do you have for Alzheimer’s parents’ caregivers?

You must be patient and adaptable as their caregivers. As the disease worsens, your role becomes more important. Getting medical help can help with caregiving.

When do Alzheimer’s sufferers require round-the-clock care?

Alzheimer’s sufferers may require more care than can be provided at home at some point. This is most common in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s disease, when close supervision is necessary to keep the person safe.

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