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Are there times in your life wherein you just see someone and they just get into your nerves? Or are there certain places where you just enter and start feeling negative and frustrated? If these are occurring too frequent to you then you might want to pay attention to this.

Feeling angry is not completely bad but it has to be controlled. Anger does help us vent out our frustration but when left uncontrolled may destroy our relationships with others and leave us feeling guilty. There are many ways wherein you can try and manage your anger and express it in a more appropriate and harmless manner. Some of these are:

  • Identify the triggers: Look back and think of the people or places that tend to make you angry often. Once you identify them you will some be prepared that it is going to affect you and you can be in a better position to use management tips appropriately.
  • Try to relax and stay calm: When angry try to stay calm, most of us find it very hard to do but it is essential. When you feel you are going to burst out at someone, hold back to calm yourself. For this you can use deep breathing exercises or use simple techniques like counting backwards from 10. This will give you a buffering time to think and react rather than displacing your frustration.
  • Apply logic: When angry most of us are irrational. We react without thinking, take decisions which we later regret, etc. Now since you know that an angry mind tends to be irrational, hold back and think logically about the whole situation. Logical thinking will help you take practical decisions.
  • Shift your focus: When one is angry they keep venting out about the situation that made them angry. At this time you can shift your focus and start thinking about solutions to the whole situation. This will not only reduce your anger but will also help you solve the issue and make you more productive.
  • Take a break: Take a time-out from work when you feel overwhelmed. This can be short break where you can walk around or simply stare outside the window. In your whole routine make sure that at least 4 times a week you indulge in a hobby or hit the gym. Exercise can do a lot as it helps you physically vent out frustration and help you relax.
  • Humour: Using humour is the most harmless way to handle anger. When you look at the situation in a humorous way you may find yourself being irrational leading you to thing logically. It may also help you look at the situation from other’s perspective.

Anger can be devastating when not in control, it can affect personal as well as profession areas of life. If your anger is affecting these areas and you still find yourself unable to control your anger despite using various self-help techniques, it might be time to seek a professional help. For help for managing anger related issues, call us now on +919741476476 and talk to our professionals.


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