Does Anger Management work?

by cadabamshospital

02 June,2017 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

[caption id="attachment_1458" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Anger Management Does Anger Management work?[/caption]

Does anger management work? To answer this in one word - Yes, it does. Now let us look at how this happens.

Anger management is the process wherein the individual is taught how to identify the stressors that instigated the anger, how to express anger in an appropriate manner and techniques as to reduce overall stress. Along with all these there are a lot of elements that adds to the effectiveness of anger management.

A 2014 research review showed that anger management therapies, in the form of online, group or individual have been effective in treating problems regarding anger management. Likewise, there are quite a few studies that show the effectiveness of anger management in adults as well as adolescents.

Now let us look at the elements of anger management that contribute to its effectiveness:

  • Identifying triggers: The initial part of the therapy or training is to identify the things, people and situation in life that trigger your anger. Here the techniques and process are in accordance to your life. There is no rigid rule here to follow but rather they are modified according to your life events. This makes the whole process personal and hence easier to identify triggers.
  • Focus on emotions and thoughts: It is usually seen that anger is not the true reason behind the person being aggressive. The real reason being the anger is usually and emotional crisis and the therapist help the client uncover it and resolve it.
  • Expressing in a harmless manner: Anger management issue effects the individual’s relationships with others. Anger management helps the individual express their emotion without being aggressive. This helps them get a positive response and thus not effecting their relationships. It also provides them with techniques they can use to vent out their anger such as running or other activities.
  • Targets stress: An individual often tends to be aggressive when their stress and frustration exceed their threshold. Anger management provides the individual with relaxation techniques. These techniques help the individual relax and thus experience lesser stress and frustration.
  • Problem solving: Once the anger and aggressiveness is addressed, individuals are provided with constructive problem solving. This helps the individual shift their focus and invest their energy in being productive. Instead of feeling angry about the situation the individual can start trying to make the situation right.

Along with all the points mentioned; anger management also contributes to the overall mental well being of the individual. It also contributes to physical well being as helping the person relax and experience lesser stress can help them avoid conditions related to high stress levels such as diabetes and various heart diseases. For effective anger management, call us now on +919741476476.  


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