Anxiety Symptoms in Men: What Are the Signs?

by cadabamshospital

28 April,2021 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

When it comes to anxiety, the outlook for men varies from that of women. Owing to the social structures, many men refuse to seek intervention for their anxiety, bottling up their emotions, which usually leads to several mental health disorders. If you’re experiencing anxiety issues, it’s important that you get the needed help. Leaving this unattended and untreated can subsequently cause several physical and mental health problems. At Cadabam’s Hospitals, we have a multispeciality team of professionals who specialize in treating anxiety symptoms in men. Over the span of three decades, we have worked with thousands of patients, enabling them with a better lifestyle. If you or your loved ones require anxiety treatment, get in touch with us today. Call us at +91 97414 76476  or send us an email at  

Social Stigma Around Anxiety in Men

In general, men tend to act strong and self-reliant that they avoid getting any kind of help. Since childhood, they are trained to be their rulers who can manage their pain and take charge if something goes off the road. This social stigma around the world makes it hard for men to accept they have any mental health issues and need support and care from the people in their surroundings. 

Fortunately, women are better at expressing their emotions so they can always talk about their feelings. But when it comes to men, many social barriers obstruct their mental health. With that being said, on average, 1 in 8 men have depression and 1 in 5 men witness anxiety at some stage in their lives

It is okay to feel anxious for the work and social pressure men go through but not talking about it is what increases the risk of anxiety or depression later in life. 

Pause and think: Is it okay not to talk about your emotions just because you are a man?

Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms: Change Them Now!

The social anxiety symptoms in mens won’t get better by themselves just like a broken arm or leg won’t heal without medical intervention. The same goes for mental disorders. They need to be treated and managed as well. 

If you, nevertheless, do not take a charge of your health, likely the consequences can threaten your life. So many people who take up their lives every year are men. Suicide is the leading cause of death for men under the age of 40-45. Social stigma around men’s mental health is the cause for these grave statistics. 

For men, it is important to understand that anxiety and depression are just mental illnesses, not weakness and tags on gender. They can be treated well with the right approach and support.

We, at Cadabam’s Hospitals, understand that it is challenging for men to talk about their emotional burdens and thus, our expert team of counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrist, and family therapists create a comfortable and safe space for men to avail therapy. 

How Can I Get Rid of Anxiety Symptoms Completely?

Some men think it’s weak to admit that they are going through a mental health condition, but if you have chronic anxiety that is taking a toll on your life, you need immediate medical intervention. One of the proven ways to overcome anxiety disorder and its symptoms is to seek professional help. You may need to consult a psychologist who can help address and change your approach towards life and foster ways to deal with difficulties in relationships. 

Medications, therapies like CBT, one-on-one counseling, REBT, family therapy are the ultimate remedies for anxiety disorder. All these therapies work to improve the quality of life by helping you understand irrational thought patterns that otherwise lead to emotional or behavioral issues. 

Keeping things to yourself will only worsen your health. Discuss your situation or emotions with your partner, family member, or any of your friends.

For 28+ years, we have been dedicated to helping people beat this condition through the best anxiety treatment plan that’s personalized to their unique needs and requirements. We care about your wellbeing and privacy. We work closely with you, ensuring you get all the support you need in effectively managing your anxiety. Reach out to us in case you are suffering from these symptoms or if you know someone who is. We are here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What causes anxiety in men?

Ans: It is not easy to say what causes anxiety in men. It is different for everyone. Sometimes, it can be a result of peer pressure, workload, personal relationships, sexual relationships, or a combination of things that they may have built up over time. In several cases, there is no obvious cause at all. 

Q2: Are men more likely to be diagnosed with social anxiety?

Ans: It is generally believed women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with social anxiety but since they communicate their feelings and emotions well, they are less affected. Men suffer more because of social stigma and tend to avoid treatment. 

Q3: What are common anxiety disorder treatments for men?

Ans: The treatment is usually the same for both men and women. Depending upon the severity of the condition, you can have treatment ranging from psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Stress-Management Techniques, Antidepressants, and Anti-Anxiety Medications.