Anxiety Symptoms In Men

by cadabamshospital

02 August,2018 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

'Anxiety Symptoms In Men' title feels a little fiddly, isn’t it? Because many of the people think “men are strong, why would they get anxious”, “If a guy gets anxious what’s the big deal in it, anyway he should be able to manage it?” Illness doesn't do gender bias.  Anyone can experience an anxiety disorder. The symptoms, effects and the pain remain the same for both men and women. Most of the men don't share their weaknesses because of the social taboo around them. Matter of the fact, men do experience anxiety.

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Why anxiety symptoms in men need to be taken care of?

As forth mentioned, men are less likely to seek professional help. It is important that we let go of the social stigma attached to men being stronger and not requiring medical help. Anxiety can have a long-lasting impact on a person’s mental and physical health if not treated.  Some of the common types of anxiety disorder that are more predominant in men are,

  • Generalised anxiety disorder
  • Panic attack
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Phobias

These types of the anxiety disorders have various kinds of symptoms. Some of the few common symptoms of anxiety disorder are listed below.

Symptoms of anxiety disorder:

  1. Worrying - It is a part of human existence. A person with anxiety has excessive worrying. If it gets more severe and frequent, then it is a definite red flag.
  2. Sleep issues - Anxiety may lead to irregular sleep patterns.
  3. Nervousness - Person with anxiety finds it difficult to stay calm or stand still.
  4. Shortness of breath -  Anxiety manifests into physical symptoms too. A person with anxiety may experience shortness of breath and hence you will find them gasping for breath.
  5. Pounding heart - Racing thoughts leads to a racing heart. The person may like their heart is constantly beating fast.
  6. Dry mouth - The individual may feel dehydrated and hence experience dry mouth.
  7. Nausea - Frequent vomiting sensation may take place due to anxiety.
  8. Muscle tension - The individual experiences muscle cramps or tension. It may cause uneasy sensation and may feel stiffness in body.
  9. Dizziness - The person may feel lightheadedness and a whirling sensation in the head due to anxiety.
  10. Change in appetite - The individual may notice changes in eating patterns - he may overeat or undereat due to anxiety.   

What are the common mistakes male commit when they experience anxiety symptoms:

Most of the men often think they can handle things pretty easily. Knowingly or unknowingly, they tend to apply the same theory for anxiety symptoms too. Listed are some of the common mistake that men do when they experience the symptoms of anxiety.

  • Fighting with anxiety symptoms:

Anxiety symptoms generate negative feelings with impactful physical symptoms that an individual can’t resist. Meanwhile, if an individual tries to fight the symptoms, It might worsen the symptoms and produce severe problems mentally and physically.

  • Wrong coping techniques:

Sometimes to overcome the anxiety symptoms men most likely use unhealthy strategies such as drinking alcohol, consuming drugs and substances. These reckless habits can hold the symptoms temporarily. Later, these behaviours lead to create a high risk of developing a dependence on alcohol or the substance. Coping with drugs or alcohol addiction is more difficult when paired with anxiety.

  • Isolating from family and friends:

This is the most common mistake that majority of the men do. They isolate themselves from everyone assuming it will be easier to manage the anxiety symptoms. This action may induce the individual to overthink about the illness. This allows the symptoms to penetrate into daily activities. Due to the absence of people around the individual, they may feel helpless, hopeless and fail to distract the thoughts stemming from anxiety.

Tips to overcome anxiety symptoms naturally:

  • Take care of the body by consuming healthy foods that include a good amount of multivitamins and proteins. And not the forget to keep oneself hydrated.
  • Try to limit the intake of caffeine, alcohol, drug and high sugar.
  • Take time out and perform a task which gives pleasure and motivation. It could be a long walk, reading a book or picking up a new hobby.
  • One of the key ways to reduce anxiety is to identify the triggers that make oneself feel anxious.
  • Write a journal. Documenting your feelings of anxiety, mapping the triggers, will help you gain an insight into your anxiety. Practice breathing techniques, this can help you calm down the nerves and reduce the anxiety symptoms.

How can I get rid of anxiety symptoms permanently?

One of the proven ways to overcome anxiety disorder and its symptoms is to seek professional help. Medications, therapies and treatments are the ultimate remedies for anxiety disorder. Cadabam’s providing the best anxiety treatments and therapies over 25 years. All these procedures are carried by well-trained medical professionals. Call us to book an appointment @ 097414 76476.