Anxiety Symptoms can feel very Scary

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06 February,2018 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Do you feel anxious at work? Or do you get nervous at times while driving in the traffic as your bike speeds by and weaves between the lanes? Be alert because these may be the anxiety symptoms. Yes, once at least in a lifetime, experience anxiety to one point. It will include both children as well as adults.

Anxiety Symptoms

But, when anxiety worsens or gets severe over time interfering with your daily life, then it is said you have a severe anxiety disorder. Read on to know more about what and how anxiety symptoms can affect your life.

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Anxiety Symptoms or signs of developing anxiety disorders

Apprehensive behavior creates the psychological, physiological, and emotional state of anxiety. Usually, anxiety actually exhibits the symptoms of stress as apprehensive behavior is the main source of stress.

Do you know anxiety symptoms can feel very scary and vary from one person to another i.e our body reacts in a specific manner to anxiety disorders? As a result, below are few common signs of developing anxiety disorders-

  • Extreme worry- Yes, unnecessary worrying especially when we can't seem to let go is a generalized anxiety symptom.
  • Trouble during sleep- Anxiety can not only rule your day but can also rule your sleep. You just cannot run away your thoughts throughout the night.
  • Irrational fears- It includes phobias which give an overwhelming experience.
  • Panic attacks- These may include rapid breathing, racing heart, stomach pain.
  • Physical tensions- These signals can be triggered in the form of hunched shoulders, clenched jaw, stiff neck, etc.
  • Self-consciousness- You may begin with trembling, blushing, profusely sweating or even feeling of nausea. You feel an undue awareness of yourself.
  • Develop self-doubts- You get fear of making wrong decisions. This means that you have a general anxiety disorder(GAD).
  • Flashbacks- He/she keeps recalling past painful experiences. This is also a sign of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Develop compulsive behaviors- These includes physical behaviors such as obsessively lining up papers on his/her desk. They highly rely on specific rituals.

How to get anxiety disorder help or how to get severe anxiety treatment?

Coping with anxiety symptoms can be a challenging task. Learn about the condition and make appropriate decisions as to what kind of treatments are available can help with managing the symptoms.

Anxiety Symptoms

Research studies tell that the most effective kinds of treatment for anxiety disorder are support, good self-help information, and psychotherapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Also, CBT is most effective when performed with other medications. Also, learning some of the simple ways of dealing with anxiety can help in a long way to deal with the disorder.

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