The Alarming Side of Anxiety Disorder

by cadabamshospital

28 April,2021 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Everyone feels anxious. But when you cross a threshold wherein your anxiety cripples you physically and affects your health, it is when you need to seek intervention. If not, it can affect every aspect of your life, right from relationships to work performance. It’s important to recognize the early signs of anxiety and opt for proper treatment before the condition gets severe. At Cadabam’s Hospitals, we offer counselling services and psychiatric treatment to people struggling with anxiety symptoms. We have a multispeciality team that works closely with the patients in assisting them to make consistent improvements. If you or your loved ones suffer from anxiety, get in touch with us today and get treated. Call us at +91 97414 76476 or +91 7353226622. You can also send us an email at

Anxiety Symptoms

When it’s normal (and when it isn’t)

Do you start feeling anxious with just the thought of attending a meeting? Or do you get nervous when the speed limit of your vehicle increases a bit? Getting nervous is a natural phenomenon. You can often get nervous or anxious for an exam, to get news, or something similar. But if you feel anxious even in usual or general instances, then this is a problem that you should take care of. Regular occurrences of anxiety can be an early sign of depression too. Hence, it is important to understand the symptoms in the early stage and find a proper solution for them. 

Anxiety Symptoms

How will you distinguish someone who has an anxiety disorder? Here are some of the symptoms of anxiety disorder that you should look for: 

Worrying Too Much: If you are extremely worried about situations for which you do not need to worry, this can be an anxiety disorder.

Insomnia: When you have anxiety, the thoughts do not let you sleep during the nights too, causing insomnia.

Phobias: You may start getting scared of things that may develop into a phobia of different elements.

Panic: At times, you may get panic attacks such as racing heart, dizziness, nausea, heavy breathing, and others.

Physical Tension: At times, you may also face tension on different parts of the body that may lead to situations such as the stiff neck and clenched jaws.

Precipitation: Often you may get conscious that may lead to situations such as trembling and precipitation, or even nausea at times. 

Self Doubts: If you are not confident in whatever you do, then you are suffering from the condition of General Anxiety Disorder.

Recalling: If you have got this anxiety disorder due to an accident or trauma, you will keep on recalling the incident.

Compulsive Behaviour: Some patients may get compulsive behaviour and they do some activities to an extreme level. 

Treatment for Anxiety Disorders

Research has mentioned that one treatment alone cannot help in curing anxiety disorder. Patients require a combination of therapeutic and psychiatric interventions. The patients should take their psychiatric medications regularly. Along with this, experts also suggest these methods for a speedy recovery:

Counselling: Talking is the best method of getting rid of anxiety. The expert will talk to you and counsel you during multiple sessions.

CBT: The professional will analyse your behaviour and your thoughts to understand your problem and offer you a solution based on that.

Group Therapy: Often listening to others can help you in gaining confidence. Hence, group therapy can be a great help too. 

Family Therapy: The medical expert will counsel the family members too to train them in how to take care of the patient. 

Why Cadabam’s Hospitals?

In case of situations such as anxiety disorder, getting the right help is very crucial to seek a solution soon. Cadabam’s Hospitals has been there in this field for more than 28 years now. We have a multispecialty team of professionals who commit to deliver patients the best treatment and personalized experience. We understand every patient is unique and their needs and requirements vary. This is why we work closely with each in developing individualized treatment plans that’s fitting to their needs. Connect with us today and take the first step in beating your anxiety symptoms. Call us at +91 97414 76476 or +91 7353226622. You can also send us an email at