Biofeedback for Anxiety

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03 January,2017 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Anxiety disorder can be extremely distressing. The individual knows what they are going through is not a part of normal life yet they are unable to stop or control it. Individuals suffering from this at times say that it never goes away but rather they learn to control and cope with it. Among the various treatment options for anxiety disorder, there is one that is seen to be easy to administer, noninvasive and effective and that is biofeedback for Anxiety.

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What is Biofeedback for Anxiety?

Biofeedback for Anxiety

Biofeedback is a technique, in which the person’s bodily processes are measured and displayed to them through a screen, and then they are taught how to control, as in to increase or decrease, these bodily processes. Biofeedback for anxiety is used as an adjunct to a therapy and not administered as a sole treatment on its own. The real mechanism behind how exactly does this work is yet to be studied.

Biofeedback techniques for Anxiety

There are different types of biofeedback techniques/devices that are used to treat an individual with anxiety all these devices measure or monitor the physical symptoms of anxiety:

  • Feedback thermometer: It measures the skin temperature and attached to the fingers.
  • Electromyograph: This measure the muscle tension of a targeted muscle.
  • Electrodermograph: These measure sweating in the individual.
  • Electroencephalograph: It measures the brain activity.

How does biofeedback therapy for anxiety works?

Looking at the various different types of anxiety disorder, one can identify the one symptom that is common among them. These are the physical symptoms, all the anxiety disorder involves physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, difficulty in breathing, sweating, etc, in short, the activation of the parasympathetic system that puts an individual into the flight or fight mode. Biofeedback helps the individual reduce and control these symptoms.

Biofeedback for Anxiety

Biofeedback for anxiety gives the individual the feeling that they lack and want it the most; the feeling of being in control of the situation. When they are shown their physical symptoms, at first, they would be shocked as to how their body is reacting.

Later when they are taught relaxing techniques and are show how through these techniques they are able to decrease their bodily process; they feel more in control. This also, eventually, can help them get the motivation to control their ever running thoughts as now they have the evidence that things can be in control.

Biofeedback may not, initially, show any improvement, as it takes quite some time and practice on the part of the suffering individual. But it is one of the techniques that is considered safe and is seen increasingly effective in treating anxiety disorders. For more details on biofeedback for anxiety, call Cadabam’s Hospitals on +919741476476.


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