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Do you know Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD not only affects an individual’s activities but also their relationships with others? Yes, It can decrease the individual’s performance in both academic or professional as well as in personal life. It is commonly seen in children but its manifestation on adults is also seen.

There are therapies and medications available for ADHD with studies showing their effectiveness. Therapy options may vary from individual to individual depending on their symptoms, intensity, and duration. The available therapies help in reducing the symptoms and enable the to function with less or no difficulty.  The treatment options seen to be effective for ADHD are:

  • Medications: Medications, specifical stimulants, are seen to effectively reduce ADHD symptoms. They are not the permanent cure but they do help in managing the symptoms. The help an individual focus better, increase their attention, stay calm, control their impulsivity and acquire new skills.
  • Behaviour Therapy: Behaviour therapy aims at developing and increasing desired appropriate behavior and diminish or eliminate the undesired one. There are a few behavior therapies that are effective. Contingency management is common among them. Here, in order to strengthen behavior the individual is rewarded whenever they engage in that behavior. For example, to increase attention, a child may be given reward whenever he/she completes a task that requires constant mental attention.
  • Parents training:  This is also a type of behavior therapy. Here, parents are taught how to help the child decrease symptoms. This has also been seen to increase the parent-child relationship. Parents are taught behavior techniques such as contingency management, and how to implement it on the child. Not only parents but the caregivers of the child can engage in the training as they are the ones who are the most immediate to the child.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT: Here, the individual is taught self-control through problem-solving strategies, verbal self-instruction, self-evaluation and other strategies. Children with ADHD tend to fail to identify internal cues. CBT helps them recognize them and cope with them. The client is taught to control their impulsive and inattentive behavior.
  • Social skills: Social skill training helps the child learn and identify social cues and appropriately respond to them. This helps them express themselves properly and increase their quality of relationship with others.
  • Neurofeedback: This is a type of biofeedback wherein the individual’s bodily processes are shown live to them. Electrodes are attached to the individual’s head and their brain activity is processed and shown on a screen in the form of a game. The individual is taught to training their brain to produce certain brain waves. If the individual is able to train themselves then they score in the game. Through this reward system individual are taught to increase their attention span, stay calm and relax.

Studies have shown the combination of both medications and therapy is effective in decreasing ADHD symptoms. Along with the therapies support from parents and teachers are also essential to improve the child’s behavior.

In worst cases, it is advisable you consult a clinical psychologist or a medical counselor If your child is dealing with ADHD. Reach us @08026088999 to know about the best treatment methods from our best psychiatrists to help your child overcome ADHD.

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