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14 November,2017 | 3 years read

Every year there is a drastic increase in the diagnoses of ADHD in children according to a  study report. And this surge is more found in the children and adult women. What is this ADHD? How common is this ADHD in children?

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ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactive disorder) is characterized by inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, which interferes with daily activities. There are three groups of activities that you may need to clarify. A few children may have one of these, while some may have two.

  1. Hyperactivity: The individual may experience difficulty sitting still in the quiet environment.
  2. Inattention: The individual may be easily distracted, decreased attention span, and difficulty in planning a task.
  3. Impulsivity: The individual may perform an action without thinking of its consequences.

ADHD is a complex mental health issue that can have an effect on your children succeed in school and their peer relationships. The symptoms of ADHD shift now and then making it hard to perceive.

ADHD affects children and adolescents and can continue into adulthood. Quick facts on the statistics of ADHD in children will tell you all.

  1. A study tells that about 5 percent of the children in India are diagnosed with ADHD and lack proper treatment.
  2. The average age for the diagnosis of severe form of ADHD in children is 5 years.
  3. According to a parent report conducted in the year 2011-12, approximately about 11% (6.4 million) of the children between the age 4-17 years have been diagnosed with ADHD in India.  

It is a common mental health issue among children. Children with ADHD can be hyperactive, not able control their emotions and immediately respond to the situation without thinking. On the other hand, they may experience difficulty in focusing. This behavior may affect their academic performances at school and personal life.

It is more commonly seen in male than in females and also found amid the early school years.

Individuals with ADHD may have poor management skill, setting objectives and stick on to a particular job. They may likewise have relationship problems, and may likely get depended on substances later in life. Some of the symptoms that show up a person having ADHD are given below.

ADHD symptoms in Children

  1. Lack of attention and forgetfulness
  2. Excessive talking
  3. Interrupts others while talking
  4. Low self-esteem
  5. Feeling of frustration
  6. Mood swings and depression pops out
  7. Loss of control over anger

Treatment for ADHD in Children

ADHD is treatable, medications and psychotherapy both combination show effective recovery. Family counseling and cognitive behavior therapy are also used in the treatment process.

ADHD symptoms may vary from individual to individual; children may show different symptoms than adults. If you or your loved one may have experienced the symptoms and they constantly disrupt life for at least 6 months, if you suspect that you have ADHD. Contact psychiatrist, a psychologist for treatment because early intervention may enhance the quality of life.

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