How to Deal with Anxiety

by cadabamshospital

16 March,2018 | 3 years read

Sometimes you just cannot get the worry out of your head, you tried to solve it but it just doesn’t seem to go away. Sometimes worry hits the best of us, we’ve all been there. So how can you beat back anxiety and learn to deal with it?

Here are some ways to help you deal with anxiety.

  • Exaggerate your worry.

Try to think of the worst possible outcome of your worry and see what happens. By doing so you are preparing as well as desensitizing yourself towards that worry. For example, you fear that your might mind goes blank during a presentation, probably then you could keep flashcards with you on your presentation or practice enough till you can recite without any aid or best use humour. We’re all humans and its only human to make mistakes.

  • Face your worry.

Now that you know what could be the worst possible outcome of your worry and come up with ways to deal with, it is now time to face it. By doing this you will realize that it isn’t so bad. We tend to over exaggerate our worries in our head, far from realizing that we are more than capable of dealing with it. Yes at first, you would be very anxious, but then as and when you repeat it that worry tends to then have no effect on you. Repeat your worry over and over silently in your head for 20 minutes. Soon you’ll get bored by it and lose your overwhelming feeling of anxiety.

  • Beware of your body’s false alarms.

A lot of the times your body produces an array of symptomatic concerns like increased heart rate, tightness or fluttering in the stomach, sweating, etc of anxiety.  Understand not the entire time do all these symptoms mean something horrible, yes they cause discomfort but they are mostly false alarms. Don’t pay much heed, soon they’ll lose its effect on you.

  • Nourish your body.

By getting enough sleep, food, and exercise, your body will be at peace with your mind. Give your body the rest it deserves by sleeping for 7-8 hours, respect what you put in your body; eat healthy like fruits, vegetables etc. And exercise, it helps with sending an increased amount of oxygen into your system i.e. your brain and body to help you keep anxiety at bay.

  • Breathe.

Sometimes all it takes is to breathe. And breathe deeply, from your stomach and release it all out from your lungs. By deep breathing, you take in more oxygen which helps you calm your nerves, keep anxiety at bay rather than those shallow breaths you take when panic hits you, which only obstructs oxygen and increases carbon dioxide in your system it out. Concentrate only on breathing, the in and out of breath.

  • Make time for worry.

Instead of being consumed by worry at all times, set aside some time to deal with it. Suppose a thought pops into your head at 9 am, tell yourself at only from 3 pm for 20 minutes I will address the worries of the day. Make a note of it, and address it only at the set time. This allows you to not constantly addressing it hence helping you to better manage without almost most of the day without any anxiety taking up your time.

  • Strengthen your social support.

When you surround yourself with your friends and family you become more secured to deal with your issues head-on. Spend quality time with family and friends help deepen those bonds, hence making us feel supported and happy. This stops the negativity like worry to consume us as well as sharing our worries with them will help us look at things differently and in the much better light. When you feel worried about something, talk about it to someone, this will help you cope better. This will make you realize that you are not alone.

Remember to not let your worries stop you from living your life. Be grateful for what you have and reward yourself; anxiety just doesn’t want you to live a good life and that by means you must stop anxiety from achieving.  Do not forget you have the control to overcome anxiety. For professional help for the best psychologists in Bangalore, call Cadabams Hospitals on +919741476476.