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There are arguments in favour of providing drug addiction treatment at home for the addicted individuals that explain its usefulness in maintaining sobriety. Whereas it may be easier to achieve and maintain recovery in rehabilitation setting that is specifically structured to promote such positive behavioural change, when the individual goes back to their home and is bombarded with the same, unchanged environmental triggers, given also the easy access to substances, they may end up relapsing back to their drug addiction. On the other hand, at-home treatment for drug addiction ensures that the individual ‘practices’ sobriety in their own homes, thus helping them commit to long-term changes in recovery. In essence, the individual learns to cope and resist the temptation of engaging in drugs in the same environment that they used to abuse them in, thus increasing the chances of success.

For someone with severe addiction, at-home treatment for drug addiction is not advisable as inpatient rehabilitation would be more suited to help them recover. However, at-home treatment is a good treatment option to consider that allows the individual to maintain other life’s responsibilities as well, especially when the other option is not receiving or postponing treatment.

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How effective is Drug Addiction Home Treatment?

It is effective in helping drug addicts recover and maintain sobriety as it allows them to practice being sober in the same environment that they learnt to abuse drugs in.

What are the benefits of Drug Addiction Home Treatment?

The benefits include practicing maintaining sobriety from drugs in the same environment that the person will continue to live in, regular appointments with professionals in accordance to the recovery plan, and ability of the individual to deal with other of life’s responsibilities while getting access to regular and professional treatment for their addiction.

How many numbers of visits are required?

The treatment goes on until the individual achieves recovery and is able to maintain sobriety. Follow up visits, either on an outpatient basis, or at the individual’s home are still recommended to continue maintaining sobriety.

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