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Effective New Year Resolutions

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“New year, new me!” This probably is a statement we have all repeated to ourselves umpteen number of time at the end of every year. But how many of us actually end up being our ‘new selves’? How many of us are able to break away from those bad habits and make way for better good ones? We are essentially made out of habits. The way we perceive and think of ourselves is a commencement of our behaviour.

For any behaviour to be adopted one focuses on performance and stays motivated but what is even more essential is the fact to be that one must be acutely self-aware and be willing to let go of one’s identity. Yes, identity. All behaviours and habits formulate the person we are; it is only when we change our identities we are able to change our actions. You need to let go of those behaviours that are holding you back, that would happen only when you make you realize that you need to change it. The awareness has to be more intrinsic than anything else.

So once you have the internal will to let go these tips will help you create a plan of action:

  • Be Mindful

Habits are automatic behaviours. We perform most of these habits without any awareness. A repetition of behaviour takes place when we mentally associate a situation (cue) with a behavior (action). Mindfulness is the opposite of automaticity. Be mindful i.e. pay attention to the behaviour. This gives us a greater clarity of our feelings, thoughts, motivations and responses. When we bring our awareness, we then can pause, reflect and choose appropriately.

  • Replace the habit.

Habits die hard hence don’t kill them, replace them. Most habits serve an end goal; that is they are purposeful and provide benefit. Hence to eliminating is not the right way to go instead replace them. Find a better or an equally better substitute to that behaviour. Example, if you tend to smoke the moment you feel stressed, eliminating smoking will not help. Find a replacement for it probably when you feel stressed pick up your phone and call someone and vent out or you could do some breathing exercises to calm yourself.

  • Imagine yourself to succeed.

Believing in your self is crucial. Sometimes you might fail and that is okay, cut yourself some slack. The power to change is within you, visualize yourself to succeed. It is okay to fault but it is not okay to lose determination and focus. Spend 5 minutes of your time daily to imagine yourself breaking the habit, replacing it with a better one and enjoying the feeling of success. Imagine yourself build a new identity, it will motivate you to continue.

  • Stay inspired.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you to be the change you want. Spend time with those who are able to motivate and encourage you. Let any small goals achieved along the way be your source of inspiration. Keep reminder around you of your goal and let it remind and inspire you to continue.

It is crucial to be kind to yourself in this process. Pursuing any change only though the above mentioned will not get you too far, what will give you the taste of that sweet success is you being able examine yourself and being 100% willing to change. Learn mindfulness from experts at Cadabams Hospitals, call them on +919741476476.

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