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Employee’s mental health in the Workplace

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A study shows that more than 70% of the employees in the corporate firms in India are tolerating high levels of stress in their day to day tasks. High levels of stress mean a direct impact not only on the mental well-being of the employee but also on the business productivity of the company. This is what calls for an action as to why it is a must and good thought to look after mental health in the Workplace.

Business is not just all about the “business”; it as well involves people communicating and working with each other. That is why encouraging good mental health within the organization is very vital. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines positive mental wellness as, “A condition of well-being where every individual realizes their own potential, and copes with normal senses of their life, and can also work fruitfully and productively.” Employees having good mental health in the Workplace will do better at work.

Impact of mental health in the Workplace

mental health in the Workplace

Mental ill health nowadays costs Indian businesses 79 billion dollars annual lost in the productivity. Hence the cost to the employer through this loss in productivity caused by mental health problems is higher than that of the other health problems. Also, it is much higher than that the working days lost to the industrial disputes.

The workplace in the corporate firms today has more stress and pressure which can often pave a way to addiction issues. It also demands employee’s cognitive, psychological and social skills than ever before. Mental health is important, both for the formation and the development of such skills and for their effective use as well in the workplace.

Mental health benefits in the workplace

mental health in the Workplace

There are a great number of benefits of having a healthy workforce. Encouraging and enhancing a healthy workforce improves-

  • Business productivity increases.
  • Employee performance is improved.
  • Increases the staff morale.
  • Promotes employee engagement.
  • Improves the business reputation among the customers.
  • Healthy workforce demonstrates corporate responsibility.
  • Healthy workforces or workplaces help in preventing absenteeism among employees.
  • With happy and healthy workplaces, the employee turnover is less and so is the associated cost of training and recruitment.
  • Healthy workplaces reduce the sick pay costs and insurance costs.

The mental wellness conversation benefits each and every one of us. As an employee and as a person all we have to do is perform our best to optimize our psychological health. Also, it is important to look after the mental health in the Workplace, especially the employees who experience strain and chronic stress, or any mental illness.

Support work for mental health in the workplace

Mental illness can be caused by genetic factors or also by environmental issues such as exposure to traumatic events, geographic region, culture, diversity and also the stressors both from work as well as home.

As an employer, it is a challenge and importance that you need to assure a healthy workplace to your employees; physically, socially and mentally! By creating a safe, safe and a healthy environment for your employees, you can increase the morale and improve their work-life balance which in turn, can positively impact your business productively.

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