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As we are living in a fast-moving world, every individual is running towards success. There are many things that you battle with like education, academics, relationships, career, finance, success and ultimately happiness. Just after your education, the following priority is the job, and yes who doesn’t like to have a happy environment for work?

You get a job, you are happy; and if your workplace is also happy, then it’s like a wow or double chocolate. And if it is not, then make it. You are responsible for your performance, production, profit, the success of the company, and other rules and regulations; depends on personnel. When you feel that you will grow along with the organization, your abilities are utilized, your skills are enhanced and feel satisfied with your job, these are few factors that make you happy at the workplace. There are other tiny things that add to it, which can bother you or your fellow mates.

Things that add to happy workplaces-

  • You love what you do- When you love your job, no matter what you will be able to overcome all the hurdles, pressure, tiredness. After facing all these towards the end of the day you feel good and satisfied. When you are contented you tend to spread your good vibe to your colleagues.
  • Stress and burnout- Not only physical stress but mental stress can lead to anxiety, irritability, sleep and appetite issues, and unhealthy interpersonal relationship. When you are aware of these and enhance yourself you cope in better way results in a happy work ambience.

Few studies suggest the organizations focus on employee’s good health. Unhealthy workers tend to take more leave, high chances that you may lose talented employees, good health enhances performance.

  • Focus on the mental wellbeing- Else this may have adverse consequences like, absenteeism, poor quality of work, interpersonal quarrels, workplace violence, workplace substance abuse, family issues, which ultimately affect workplace and efficiency of the organization.
  • The organization is suggested to have a psychological health professional,  who can help in overall well being of the worker, address their issues, guide on honesty, promotion, performance, self-esteem etc.
  • Pleasant ambience- Your physical environment has an impact on your behavior, performance, and production. For instance, spacious workplace than congested ones, good ventilation, and some organizations have a library, gardens, play and recreational area and cafeteria for a short relaxation and to boost up the brain. It is also recommended that companies have flexi working spaces.
  • Be happy as an individual- Not all is done by the organization, but as an individual smile whenever possible, feel good at the workplace. When you are happy, you see people around you are happy.
  • Have a positive attitude- Towards co-workers, management, employers, and the work and even towards yourself for a happy workplace.
  • Say no to workplace alcohol and substance abuse- And be aware of the ill effects of a substance, and its impact in the workplace.
  • Healthy interpersonal relationships- Have a good understanding and a healthy boundary with your colleagues and supervisors, for a happy work environment.
  • Small interval, refreshments or leisure time- A small power nap, a relaxation space or even small refreshments can make you and your employees to be motivated and escape from stress.
  • Take time to reflect- Find out what is not going fine, try to solve, seek for help if you need, try to enhance your skills, learn from mistakes, understand the negative things, but try to focus on positive sides.
  • Focus on yourself- Have a healthy mind and body. Eat well, sleep well, engage in physical exercise, meditation, dress up smartly and feel good.

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