How to Stop Thoughts of Self-Harm

by cadabamshospital

11 September,2018 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Where there is a will, there's a way & there is hope. Learn the best way to succeed and overcome suicidal & thoughts of self-harm.


Seek help:

The simplest way to get diverted and regain your confidence from self-harm or suicidal thoughts is to seek help. It can be your family member or friends who you find safe and trustworthy to share the personal issue or information. Communication makes an individual feel calm and reduces the negative thoughts which are the closest reason to stimulate suicidal thoughts.



Cultivating hobbies:


Keep yourself occupied in any hobbies you are interested in. When you tend to be busy and focused, the chance of getting this kind of negative thoughts might decrease. So it is important to stick to have or create hobbies.


Create a journal:


Talking about hobbies earlier, writing a journal might act as a helpful diverting tool for an individual. In which, he or she has a greater chance of building a strong mindset and raising a wall against suicidal thoughts.


Calm down anger:


The biggest drawback of every raging and aggressive individual are they fail to make a right decision. At that time because of their instant act without second thought or second opinion. Eventually, this type of wrong decisions might end-up with suicidal thoughts. So maintain your calmness at every raging second and postpone your decision at that point of that moment.


Sleep well:

 In order to get the body refresh, energize, and rest. Most important and the prime responsibility of sleep- It is the time frame provided to the brain to recognize and collect all the entire information throughout the day to analyze, find the solution, optimising and archiving completely. Sleeping is a natural neutralizer to overcome stress, depression and self-harm thoughts. Avoiding to take small naps and deep sleep might lead to sleep deprivation which is commonly also known as insomnia.  


Avoid social isolation:

Researchers suggest that being lonely or socially isolated may have a greater impact on influencing the risk of stress-related chronic disease, health issues like heart problems and serious negative thoughts which are base reason of early death. Social communication paves the way to build the strong bond between people. Which is the ultimate outcome of positive thoughts and mind diversions so avoid being alone.   


Lower your anger:

Keep your rage at a minimum level, if it’s peeking up then it is advisable not to take any kind of decision at that point of time. Extend the time span of making the decision. Take a minute to think about the families friends and adored one. The one big mistake of a suffering individual will haunt all the family members throughout the life. Our ultimate invasion to this place where we live is to make others to feel happy on what we do. Professional help is the best and right way to overcome suicidal thoughts. If you or your loved one is suffering these type of thought don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, in crises +91 9741476476        


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