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Importance of Father: Unleashing their various Personalities

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cadabams- father's dayFather’s day is here and it’s time to drop everything and celebrate the different personalities of fathers we see around us. Often we have seen fathers being portrayed stereotypically in the media as the stern and authoritative parent or the role model and superhero parent. However, that is not always the case because there are many sides to being a father which are situational. Fathers today are no more the traditional fathers who are the sole breadwinners and disciplinarians in the family.

Importance of Father Involvement and their Personalities:

Fatherhood has changed over the years and it is important to appreciate and understand what works and does not work in shaping kids who grow up with these unique personalities in their own ways. Sometimes, not everyone might have a father but they do tend to have a fatherly figure who contributes to their lives. Let’s explore some of the different personalities of a father.

  • The Practical Father

Cadabams- Father's day- Article image 2Practical Fathers are analysts and rational thinkers by nature. They may not be very emotionally expressive but do appreciate thoughtful and meaningful gestures as they come.

Sometimes, they might not be convincing in their approach and may not always be able to emotionally connect to the needs of their child. This type of fathers usually likes to push their kids to take on challenges, try different things, and encourages learning of new skills out of care and concern.

However, they might not realize they have been pushing the child beyond limits. They are the kind of father who has an active imagination but also likes to take breaks and genuinely appreciates a good time to relax with his children.

  • The Unpredictable Father

Cadabams- Father's day- Article image 3Fathers with this personality type love to explore different things and highly appreciate new experiences. They tend to be excited about taking on new paths and are unpredictable in the sense that they enjoy being spontaneous and open to new things that put them out of their comfort zones.

These fathers can be great companions to their children where they teach them to explore and enjoy life like they do and take things as they come. However, they expect their children to support whatever path they may choose and sometimes tend to have an elevated sense of worth. This can put a lot of pressure on their children as they might be expected to meet the needs of their father rather than it being the other way round.

  • The Invisible Father

Cadabams- Father's day- Article image 4Invisible fathers are the ones who think they have no role in their children’s lives. They feel it’s not their responsibility to actively take care of the kids. They make sure to provide all the materialistic requirements or worldly comforts for the children but not emotional support. Children growing up with this kind of fathers might have their hearts overwhelmed with the feeling of resentment which can trigger various psychological problems in a long run.


  • The Absentee Father

cadabam's father's day - article image 5Everybody wishes to have their father around to help and support them in every phase of their life. But, there are plenty of fathers out there who just aren’t there for whatever reason. It doesn’t mean they are in different or dislike their children.

They do try hard enough, it’s just because their job requires more involvement or they have judiciary restrictions due to separation. As a result, children gradually tend to have deep-seated fears and insecurities.


  • The Diplomatic Father

Cadabams- Article image 6Diplomatic fathers are sentimental by nature. They tend to appreciate heartfelt and thoughtful gestures and are not as focused on the functionality of approaches in life but more the meaningfulness of it. They value sincerity in their children and it is important for them to know that their kid's value experiences in life just as much as anything else.

Family values hold a lot of importance to them as well. They are also very creative. However, in all of this, they sometimes tend to overlook the practical aspects of life and might miss out on teaching their children the hard lessons of life.

  • The Traditional Father

Traditional fathers are generally more guarded in their approaches. They are tough-minded and realistic. They are usually family-oriented and prefer to do things as they are supposed to be done which encourages discipline in their children and a sense of valuing rules and fitting into the real world. They teach their kids to be assertive and hard-working.

However, being too realistic can sometimes create unpleasant environments at home and might come off as too authoritarian a parenting style to the children without them realizing it.

Father Knows Best!

Here is a shout-out to all the different fathers in the world whose personalities play significant roles in the lives of their children and deserve to be appreciated every once in a while.

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