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Manic Depression Treatment or Bipolar treatment

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Manic Depression or, as recognized now, Bipolar Disorder is growing to be a more and more serious condition with a lack of awareness into how to manage it. People suffering from bipolar go through a variety of symptoms that constantly keep shifting between high-energy states and depressive states. This is an experience that can be extremely difficult to go through. This is why understanding the disorder is extremely important in order to get the right manic depression treatment. Timely bipolar treatment is essential in not prolonging the difficulties of the manic depression and to keep the degree of severity in check.

Bipolar treatment

It is important to understand that BPD, like a lot of other illnesses, does not have a permanent cure. However, there has been a lot of ongoing research on the treatment and management of BPD which hopes to bring relief and increases the quality of life of anyone suffering from it.

Treatment of Manic Depression or Bipolar treatment

Bipolar treatment

Bipolar treatment is multi fold. Since the manic and depressive states can be extremely distressing, a combination of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy is essential in treating it. Some of the treatments include:

  1. Pharmacotherapy – Mood stabilizers (Lithium) are most commonly used in treating BPD in order to normalize the drastic changes in mood. Benzodiazepines are used for people who experience anxiety mainly in the manic phases. Antidepressants are sometimes used in order to treat the depressive phase of the disorder.
  2. Individual psychotherapy is important to be conducted along with medication because BPD ijis essentially a mood disorder. There usually are factors in a person’s life that make him/her more susceptible to having BPD. Understanding and addressing the root cause of the depression is important. Individual psychotherapy entails hearing the person out, understanding what has shaped his/her worldview and sense of self, and to understand what causes this kind of depression. It then involves using sessions systematically to address all of these personal issues and helping the person gain insight and perspective into how they can manage their emotions. Talk therapy is extremely important in adjunction with medication as it helps the person address the root of the problem and finding motivation to get better.
  3. Cognitive-Behavioral therapy is often used as a part of the individual psychotherapy in order to help the person maintain a regular track of their thoughts, emotions, moods, and behavior to help them identify the unhealthy thought patterns that can be changed with some validation. This also helps the person in regulating their lifestyle by monitoring their daily activities which people with BPD often neglect in the depressive phases and possibly overdo with impulsive in the manic phases. Keeping a track helps one be self-aware and helps them regulate necessary lifestyle activities like exercise, diet, sleep, and activities that give the person a true sense of fulfillment and achievement.

Bipolar treatment

Manic Depression or Bipolar Disorder Treatment in India

More awareness about the right treatment of manic depression or Bipolar treatment can help manage the problem and the pain of the individual a lot better and even give the family and friends enough insight into their role in the treatment.

Bipolar treatment

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