Midlife Crisis In Women

by cadabamshospital

18 April,2019 | 1 year read

Women- is growing old bothering you lately? Have you ever felt that you are so alone? Are there times that you fear loss? Have you looked at the mirror and seen the visible signs of ageing? Well probably, you may be suffering from women midlife crisis.

What is Midlife Crisis In Women?

It is really hard for a woman to accept that she is ageing. Midlife Crisis In Women is an emotional state that every woman thinks that almost one half of her life is over and there is a feeling that she is no longer productive. There are times that she is bored and afraid of loss.

Signs of Midlife Crisis In Women- Do you experience it?

Midlife Crisis In Women

Midlife Crisis In Women varies but still, there are some symptoms that are commonly seen in some women.

  • Restlessness: There are times that she feels restless as she is running out of time. She feels dissatisfied with everything she does. She cannot concentrate and feels nervous, uneasy and uncomfortable.
  • Feelings of guilt: If she was not able to achieve what she wanted, she starts blaming herself. There is a feeling of guilt and shame. This is one common sign that someone is suffering from women midlife crisis.
  • Behavioural changes: She may show impulsiveness in her behaviour and may have sudden decisions especially in her interests. She may buy things that she does not really need or lost interest in things she usually enjoys before.
  • Loneliness: She feels so empty due to many changes in her life. When her children leave home due to higher education, work or marriage, she felt so alone and emptiness creeps on her.
  • Lifestyle changes: Significant changes in a sexual relationship can also elicit a women midlife crisis. It can be caused by a lack of interest in sex due to depression, stress and anxiety, empty nest syndrome that is usually associated with the crisis. It can also be due to partner's infidelity if she suspects that her partner is having an affair with another woman.

Some of the psychological outcomes of the midlife crisis

Midlife Crisis In Women

  • Not taking care of personal hygiene
  • Changes in sleeping habits
  • Sudden weight loss/ gain
  • Mood swings
  • Intense worry/ sadness/ Anxious
  • Social isolation

How to Deal with the midlife crisis? Here are some Tips

Midlife Crisis In Women

  • Talk it out

Talk to some trustworthy person who can listen to you keenly without any judgements. Tell them how you feel and what's bothering you. The trustworthy person could be your family member, friend, or counsellor.

  • Think Rationally

Instead of thinking about the good old days and worrying about the present, think about the efforts you put for those good old days. Think about the same efforts now additionally you have experience and wisdom now. The same effort now can make more difference in current events.

  • Audit your life

Brainstorm your strength and weakness in life. Think about the strengths that made you accomplish things till now. Think about the strength that supported to endure bad times. Anticipate and learn to control/ eliminate the negatives that may trigger distress.

  • Set goals

You might have owned a few goals - it could be buying a new house, a much-needed jump in the carrier or to have a family. Now you are experiencing midlife crisis because you accomplished your mandatory goals. This is the reason for the distress. You have no clue what to do next?’ It's time to set new goals and create a purpose plan to accomplish them.

Midlife crisis in Women is not the ultimate reason why a woman will continue to live a miserable life. One important thing for a woman to do is to come to terms with the phase of her life and keep on to live life to the fullest. Ageing is unavoidable so we have to accept that it is a continuous process that each and every one of us will endure. Accepting that we will all grow old by sharing your feelings and thoughts is a very positive way to combat this crisis.

Nobody can help you out in this crisis but yourself or help from a professional. By analyzing all your thoughts that have been worrying you and finding the precise cause behind all your feelings of unhappiness you will probably find ways to recover from the crisis.

Midlife Crisis In Women

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